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Cierra has a series of relationships.



Skylar is Cierra's younger sister. Cierra cares very well for Skylar, even walking her home every day from school when Skylar was being bullied. When their parents divorced, Skylar was how Cierra got through it.

Cierra is confident that Skylar will win a place on the Internationals team in the Competition, and is excited for her when her name gets picked out. Her happiness quickly turns bittersweet when Cierra's name is picked out to compete against her sister. They ask Lucien if they can forfeit, but he says if either of them don't compete, they will both be kicked out of Elite. Cierra ultimately wins the battle. Stephanie helps Skylar by getting her on to B-Troupe.

Skylar is annoyed at having to wait for Cierra to finish her A-Troupe rehearsals every day, as B-Troupe rehearsals finishes a lot earlier than A-Troupe. This causes Cierra and Skylar to argue, with Cierra deeming Skylar as selfish. Skylar ends up making Cierra get the bus home. This makes Cierra come to terms with the fact she was being selfish, and they make up.

Before the new A-Troupe auditions after Internationals, Cierra and Skylar make a pact: either both of them make it on A-Troupe, or neither do. This contributes to Cierra's caring nature for her sister; she makes many mistakes on her audition because she is worrying about Skylar too much. Skylar makes it, and Cierra doesn't, making Cierra angry as Skylar refuses to drop out, despite the pact. However, Cierra is excited at the opportunity of one spare spot when Riley takes the position of studio head, however, Amanda gets it.



Cierra bonds with Noah over the fact that they are both new to A-Troupe and subsequently performs an exceptional duet with him.[1]



Cierra is friends with Stephanie, especially after she helps Cierra and Skylar's dilemma of not being able to go to separate studios, and Stephanie suggests Skylar joins B-Troupe.


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