Regionals was a long time ago, it's in the past now, and we have to look towards the future. [...] Clean start for The Next Step.

Emily, to Michelle and Riley

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"Clean Start" is the 1st episode of The Off Season: Season 1.


"Riley and Michelle talk in Neutral Grounds."[1]


Riley michelle tos cs 2

Riley speaks of how she regrets taking Amanda out of the finals dance at Regionals.

Riley and Michelle are in Java Junction discussing how amazing it is that Amanda is on tour in England with Giselle. Michelle confesses that since the Regionals loss, many dancers have left The Next Step Dance Studio to move onto greater opportunities. Riley tells Michelle that she still feels really bad for kicking Amanda off the finals dance. Riley confesses that Regionals was a big regret of hers, mostly because she feels completely responsible that they lost. Michelle confesses that Riley shouldn't blame it on herself, as being studio head is a big role with a lot of pressure. Although, Michelle admits that if she was studio head, she would not have let herself compete in the finals dance.
Riley emily michelle tos cs 2

Emily proposes a clean start for The Next Step.

As Michelle is saying this, Emily arrives and claims that Amy should have been taken off the routine, since dance and personal problems can never mix. After Riley and Michelle formally greet her, Emily assures them that Regionals is in the past a they need to focus on the future; a clean start. Riley says that she is looking forward to the future; although there will be many changes, she knows they will be good.





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