West Thalia season 3 episode 18
This is page is a transcript for the episode "Clean Start." Note that this page does not include the "Previously on" segment, nor an in-depth description of the theme song sequence.
Various shots of downtown Toronto as "My Turn" plays. Establishing shot of the exterior of The Next Step Dance Studio.

Riley: [Voice-over.] So, did you hear about Amanda [Cut to Riley and Michelle sitting in Neutral Grounds.] joining the dance tour with [Cut to Riley.] Giselle in England?!

Michelle: Yeah, I heard, [Cut to Michelle.] I'm so happy for her! [Cut to Riley. Riley nods. Voice-over.] After the Regionals loss, a lot [Cut to Michelle in Talking Heads.] of people left The Next Step, to move on to greater opportunities. Like Amanda on tour with Giselle.

Cut to Riley.

Riley: I still feel really bad about what happened. I mean, I made a lot of mistakes, but kicking Amanda off that team was definitely one of the worst. [Voice-over.] Regionals was a big regret of mine. Mostly because I felt I was completely responsible. [Zoom in on Riley's face.] And we lost.

Michelle: [Cut to Michelle in Talking Heads.] Riley can't blame herself. Being studio head is a really tough job to step into. [Zoom in on Michelle's face.] It's a lot of pressure. [Cut to Riley.] You know, looking back, if I was studio [Cut to Michelle.] head, I probably wouldn't have let me dance that dance.

Emily: Well, actually, [Riley and Emily regard Emily. Cut to Emily approaching Riley.] what should have happened is that Amy should have been cut from the dance.

Riley: Hey, Em!

Michelle: Hi, Emily.

Emily: Hey! [Cut to Michelle, lightly chuckling and smiling at Emily.] Look, [Cut to Riley, Emily and Michelle.] everyone knew her head wasn't in the game. You can't mix dance [Cut to Riley and Emily.] with personal. Everyone knows that.

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: [Nodding in agreement.] Mm.

Emily: Anyway, [Cut to Riley, Emily and Michelle. Emily sits down beside Riley.] Regionals was a long time ago, it's in the past now, and we have to look towards the future.

Michelle and Riley nod in agreement. Cut to Riley and Emily.

Michelle: Yeah.

Emily: Clean start for The Next Step.

Riley and Michelle nod in agreement. Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: Yeah.

Cut to Riley and Emily.

Riley: Definitely. [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] I'm excited for future of The Next Step. I mean, I feel like there's gonna be a lot of changes, but, [Zoom in on Riley's face.] I think it'll be a good thing.