I can't stop thinking about you.

Eldon , to Michelle

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"Come Back... Be Here" is the 22nd episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 22nd episode overall. It premiered on November 8, 2013.


With Daniel leaving A-Troupe, Michelle and the team try and get Emily to come back.


A-Troupe is practising their Regionals routine in Studio A under Kate's watch. James is doing Daniel's solo section since Daniel can no longer dance. With Daniel gone, West is fighting air rather than a person during the routine, which proves to be quite awkward. Chloe also confesses that it is weird to be dancing without Daniel. When it is time to perform Daniel's solo, James fumbles. He apologizes and is determined to try again, but Kate calls a five minute break. The dancers fear that they won't win Regionals now, as Daniel was the best person for the solo.

Michelle tells her fellow dancers that, despite how crazy it may sound, they need to get Emily to come back. The dancers find the idea preposterous, but Michelle assures the dancers that since The Next Step is Emily's home and they are her family, they can get her to come back. The dancers hesitantly agree to Michelle's idea.

James sesaon 1 cbbh

James attempts to rehearse his solo.

James is practicing his new solo in Studio B, which he finds difficult because it is meant for a contemporary dancer rather than a breakdancer. Nonetheless, he believes that he could get it if he works at it. Beth enters the studio and, after making small talk with James, asks James to go to a concert with her. James tells her that he can't, confessing that this is probably just another one of Beth's ploys. Beth continues to beg James, but James assures her that he cannot go. Beth eventually accepts this and leaves the studio, just as Riley enters. Riley is disillusioned at the sight of Beth with James, but ultimately decides that it is probably nothing. Riley prods James to study for his upcoming math exam, annoying James. Riley eventually leaves, with James hurt that she no longer believes in him.

Emily is rehearsing with her fellow Elite dancers and she confesses that she is actually having fun at the studio. Despite the rudeness of the act, Michelle enters the studio without welcome and approaches Emily. Michelle tells Emily that the team is sorry and wants her back, but Emily deems Michelle as delusional if she believes that she will forgive them. Emily orders Michelle to leave, but Michelle refuses and tells Emily that they want her, leaving Emily confused since she is the only person there. At once, the rest of the members of A-Troupe enter the studio and asks Emily to return. Despite the turnout, Emily refuses their offer. Lucien assures A-Troupe that Emily is fitting in just fine at Elite and even tells Emily that he and Amanda want her to move up to the front row. Emily tells her former teammates that she knows that the only reason they want her back is because Daniel got injured and urges them to finally leave. As the team exits the studio, Amanda greets James, irritating Riley since it seems as though James has dated every single girl in the dance community. Michelle confesses that their chances of going to Regionals are getting further and further away.

A-Troupe regroups in Studio A. Stephanie tells the team that they need to think about who they are promoting from B-Troupe, during which Michelle and Eldon exchange a quick smile. West suggests Charlie, Zach, or Beth, the latter of which James refuses to. Michelle leaves to run the idea by Kate. Riley pulls West aside and convinces him to talk to James about his struggle with math and the solo, since she couldn't get through to him. West agrees, confessing that he thinks James should give up the solo.

West james season 1 cbbh

West tells James that he cannot do both the solo and math.

James is in Studio B, once again attempting to master the solo. While he is taking a break, West enters the studio. West tells James that he knows he is working hard on math and his solo, but that he cannot do both. James assures West that he's got it under control, but West tells him that he merely thinks he's got it under control and that he cannot do both if he wishes to stay at the studio. West leaves, confessing that James knows what he has to do.

Chloe enters Kate's office, where Chris and Kate are, with an envelope containing the money for Regionals. Kate opens the envelope and notices that only half of the needed money is in there and that it is all paid for in coins. Chloe lies that she must have gotten the total mixed up and assures Kate that she will get the money to her. Chloe confesses that she thought she was going to have a good week at work since a girl was having a birthday party, but she ended up dumping a whole tray of food on the birthday girl and didn't make many tips as a result. James enters the office, giving Chloe the perfect excuse to leave. James hesitantly tells Chris and Kate that he cannot do the solo at Regionals because he cannot balance learning the solo with math. James feels bad about being unable to do it, but Kate assures him that he did what was best for the team.

Amanda and Lucien are alone in Studio B, talking about their plan: they keep Emily in the front row until the day before Regionals, then kick her off of the team. While the two are conversing about this, Emily enters the studio unseen and hears the entire exchange. Emily realizes that Lucien and Amanda don't value her as a dancer or as a person and are merely using her as a tool to win Regionals.

West kate chris season 1 cbbh

Kate grants West with the solo.

Kate pulls West into her office. West confesses that he knows Kate is going to offer him the solo, but that he won't take it because it would seem as though he wanted the solo all along. Once seated in the office, Kate and Chris offer West the solo, as predicted. West refuses to do the solo, confusing Kate and Chris.

A-Troupe rehearses their Regionals routine. Throughout the routine, Michelle and Eldon exchange smiles with one another, and Eldon confesses that his feelings for Michelle are strengthening. Chris stops the rehearsal prematurely due to a lack of technique and emotion and tells the dancers to get some water. Eldon pulls Michelle aside and tells her that he likes her. Michelle asks Eldon about Emily, but Eldon says that since she is at Elite, it will be easier to break up with her. Michelle prepares to tell Eldon that she feels the same way but, just as Michelle is about to admit to Eldon her feelings for him, Emily enters the studio, having decided to return. Emily beckons Eldon over to her and Eldon begrudgingly hugs her, but confesses that he wants to be with Michelle. Michelle realizes that she and Eldon can never be.


Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Taylor Swift.





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