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"Come Together" is the 32nd episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 126th episode overall. It aired on November 17, 2016.

This episode is a special made for Family Channel's Stand UP! Bullying Awareness Week, and as such takes a sidestep from the ongoing storylines of Season 4.


"Riley helps the team get ready for competition by doing anti-bullying exercises. Everyone learns the different types of bullying behaviour and how to deal with it."[1]


Michelle riley atroupe richelle come together

Richelle insults Michelle.

Riley, Michelle, and Richelle comment that with the upcoming competition, bullying can occur. Thus, the team has decided to use the day to prepare themselves for the bullying that they might face. The first exercise pits Richelle and Michelle against each other. While both parties insult each other, it is Richelle's insults that hold more weight, as she is backed up by all of the members of A-Troupe. Michelle comments that the experience is very painful, while Richelle comments that she is motivated due to everybody backing her up. The other members of A-Troupe who were backing up Richelle comment that they almost fear speaking up, as they could be the ones who end up being insulted.

The tables are turned, with Richelle being the one who is getting bullied. As Michelle insults Richelle, the other members of A-Troupe gradually join Michelle's side, giving Michelle power over Richelle.

With so many different types of bullying, Riley wants to ensure that they are all understood so that they can be handled or avoided.

Cassie amanda season 4 ct 2

Amanda comments that tall girls need to stick together.

In an exercise, Amanda performs a solo in the Rehearsal Room to "Empire Part 2," while Cassie spectates admirably. While Amanda and Cassie comment that tall girls need to stick together, otherwise has to be done in the exercise. Back in the exercise, Amanda finishes her solo. Cassie asks her what she is doing and Amanda assures Cassie that she is doing a dance Cassie would never be able to do, as she has no control or strength when she dances. Cassie tells Amanda that she is working on it, but Amanda assures Cassie that she'll need a million years to do that. Aside, Amanda comments to Cassie that she has a little experience with being mean which Cassie heard about from stories of her being dance captain at Elite Dance Academy. Back in the exercise, Cassie tells Amanda that nothing she says can hurt her, although Amanda isn't so sure.

In another exercise, Piper receives mean text messages from Skylar while eating in Java Junction, which is cyberbullying. Piper comments that it is hard to escape.

Henry noah come together season 4

Noah greets Henry.

Aside, Noah and Henry talk about their exploration of physical bullying in their upcoming exercise. Noah will be bullying Henry, which Henry comments to be weird since Noah is not much bigger than him. In the exercise, Noah refuses to let Henry leave the Lounge by way of force. Aside, Noah and Henry comment that it doesn't even matter how big one is for physical bullying to take place.

Cassie tells Piper, Amy, and Sloane about the way Amanda has been treating her. Amy tells Cassie that sometimes the person being mean does not realize they are being mean because they are caught up in their own problems, so they need to be told what they are doing is wrong. Aside, Amy admits that standing up can be scary and hard, but that one needs the confidence to do it. Back in the exercise, Piper shows Cassie, Amy, and Sloane the texts she has gotten from Skylar. Sloane offers to accompany Piper when she speaks to Skylar. Aside, Sloane comments that just because cyberbullying is done behind a screen, doesn't mean that it is any less impactful.

Amanda cassie come together season 4

Cassie asks Amanda what she is doing as she steals her sandwich.

In one of the exercises, Noah is still refusing to let Henry leave the Lounge and snatches Henry's phone from him when he tries to call his mom for help, making him feel powerless. In one of the other exercises, Amanda harasses Cassie upon seeing her eating by herself in Java Junction, bringing Cassie to tears. In another one of the exercises, Piper and Sloane try to confront Skylar to no avail, which is called "feeding the troll."

Back in the Amanda vs. Cassie exercise, Amy motivates Cassie to confront Amanda once and for all. Cassie tells Amanda that if she continues with her behaviour, she will tell Riley who will ultimately tell Amanda's parents, getting her into trouble. Aside, Amanda comments that being mean is not as easy when there are multiple people. Back in the exercise, Amanda apologizes and leaves. Cassie thanks Amy for her help and Amy comments that she is always there for her. Aside, Riley comments on the importance of finding help.

Henry alfie noah season 4 episode 32

Noah blocks Henry and Alfie.

In the Henry vs. Noah exercise, Noah still refuses to let Henry leave or get his phone back, until Alfie enters the room. Despite Noah's affirmation that everything is going well, Alfie can tell that something is wrong. Alfie gets Henry's phone back for him and escorts Henry to get juice in order to get him out of the situation. Aside, Henry comments that he lied to Alfie that he was okay for fear of retaliation from Noah. Henry also comments that he felt relief upon Alfie's help, and Alfie comments that he felt good as a person. Noah comments that he lost all of his power.

Ct Riley urges the audience to speak up about bullying

Riley breaks the fourth wall, urging the audience to speak up and tell someone about bullying.

After bringing the bullying to Riley's attention, Riley, Piper, and Sloane approach Skylar. When Riley confronts Skylar, Skylar denies everything and shows Riley her phone, which is free of mean messages. Piper shows Riley all the mean messages, which she saved, and Sloane asserts that she was there when Piper confronted Skylar.

A-troupe all eyes on you come together promo

A-Troupe and Riley pose at the end of their celebratory routine.

Back in Studio A, Riley breaks the fourth wall and urges the audience to speak up and tell someone about bullying. She and the other members of A-Troupe then perform a celebratory routine to "All Eyes on You."


  • Despite this officially being the 32nd episode of Season 4, it was the 26th episode to air on Family Channel.
  • This episode was initially shown as a special in October 2016 at the Stand UP! Rally before airing on television.
  • There are no Talking Heads segments in this episode. Instead, there are real world commentary scenes.
  • This episode was previously never broadcast as part of Season 4 in the UK, but eventually aired on November 14, 2017 during CBBC's Bye Bye To Bullying week.
  • Henry has a younger sister.



  • Richelle implies that Michelle can't do a back handspring, although during Seasons 1 and 2, she is seen doing back handsprings on many occasions. However, it is possible that Michelle can no longer do a back handspring, seeing as she has not done one since Season 2.

Cultural references

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by The Beatles.





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