"Convention Tension" is the 12th episode in Season 6 of The Next Step and the 166th episode overall. It aired on October 28, 2018.


Amy feels the pressure when she and AcroNation dances off against various studios for the Wild Card spot at regionals.[1]


In Studio A, all the dancers from Region 7 that qualified for Regionals are in Studio A, preparing for the dance convention. Emily says about how little room there is for error. Amy is warming up with AcroNation, and confesses that she joined AcroNation because she wants to be a star dancer, something she is far from at The Next Step. Emily and Michelle open the convention, and reveal that Dytto will be hosting a workshop in Studio 1 later. Richelle, Jacquie and Summer start their routine for the opening number, where Henry and Kingston come in after.


  • This episode became available on BBC iPlayer on August 27, 2018, one week prior to its scheduled release on CBBC.
  • Angela and Lily have joined Encore Dance Studios.
  • Noah has turned 18 years old.
  • In order to compete in the intermediate advanced division at regionals, you have to be under 18.
  • AcroNation has won the Wild Card competition and will be competing at Regionals.
  • AcroNation will be competing in the convention's solo competition, with Amy being their soloist.


Production Errors

  • Richelle is seen walking away from Summer and Noah, but in the next shot, she is seen next to them again.

Cultural References

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  • Alec Dahmer as unknown character
  • Alexandre Deakin as Ty
  • Benjamin Williams as unknown character
  • Briana Andrade-Gomes as Briana
  • Brigitte Turnbull as AcroNation dancer
  • Carter Musselman as Heath
  • Damien Lavergne as Charlie
  • Emily Grady as AcroNation dancer
  • George Randolph as Regionals Judge
  • Jordan Alleyne as unknown character
  • Joshua Lamb as unknown character
  • Julia Miller as AcroNation dancer
  • Justine Sanker as AcroNation dancer
  • Katie Ortencio as Lily
  • Kayleigh Shikanai as unknown character
  • Kelly Fanson as Angela
  • Kennedy Johnston as AcroNation dancer
  • Nathaniel Belnavis-Wright as Adrian
  • Sanaa Williams as Simone
  • Sarah Parlatore as AcroNation dancer
  • Taveeta Szymanowicz as Thalia
  • Zofia Kasprzyk as AcroNation dancer



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