Today marks thirty days since I hired Angela to come in and work with The Next Step, and, since everything has gone so smoothly, she's going to become a full partner. We're gonna sign the paperwork after lunch.

Miss Kate

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"Coup d'Etat" is the 4th episode in Season 6 of The Next Step and the 158th episode overall. It aired on September 30, 2018.


With the help of A-Troupe, Richelle sets in motion a plan she hopes will rid the Next Step of Miss Angela.[1]


In Studio A, the team is rehearsing their regional dance with Miss Angela. Miss Kate comes in and A-Troupe gives her a group hug. Miss Kate tells them that that day marks the 30th day since Miss Angela became studio head and since everything had so far gone smoothly, she was going to become a full partner. Miss Kate and Miss Angela leave for lunch together. Richelle tells A-Troupe that it is time to set the plan of getting rid of Miss Angela in motion. Lily interrupts and they invent a story about Ozzy eating a cookie that was in Kingston's shoe. Richelle distracts Lily by suggesting that they rehearse their duet in Studio 1.

In Studio 1, Richelle and Lily rehearse their duet. Richelle tries to keep Lily distracted when the rest redecorate Studio A. Their plan is to expose Miss Angela's plan of changing The Next Step to Miss Kate. Ozzy sneaks into Studio 1 to pick up some tools and despite Richelle's attempt to distract Lily, Lily notices Ozzy. Ozzy lies, badly, but Richelle successfully distracts Lily with their rehearsal.

In Shakes and Ladders, Piper plays cards alone. Michelle and Emily are worried about Piper, so they talk to her. Piper doesn't want to open up to them so Emily proposes a game of darts that will get Piper to reveal the truth. The game ends when Michelle gets an idea that will help Piper.

In the locker room, after their rehearsal, Richelle tries to continue distracting Lily, to no avail. Lily re-enters Studio A to find that the rest of A-Troupe has decorated Studio A with animal-print balloons and a giant poster of Miss Angela's face with "Miss Angela's The Next Step" written underneath it. When Miss Kate and Miss Angela return, Noah and Jacquie present them with a cake on which is written: "Congratulations for the new position at Miss Angela's The Next Step." Richelle tells Miss Kate that the dancers just implemented the change that Miss Angela has been planning. She also shows her pictures on her phone. Miss Kate and Miss Angela go into Studio A's office to talk.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Emily bring Piper back to Studio 1 to try to convince Piper to dance. In an effort to help her, they tell her embarrassing moments from their past to try to get her to dance.

Back in Studio A, A-troupe are concerned that Miss Angela seems to be calming Miss Kate down. Lily gets angry at Richelle and eventually smashes a piece of cake that Ozzy offers them in Richelle's face. Richelle retaliates and a food fight commences. Miss Angela and Miss Kate see the food fight and come out of the office. Miss Angela is hit in the face with cake; when she demands to know who threw it, all the dancers own up to the crime, impressing Miss Kate with their loyalty to the team. Miss Angela tells them to do planks and Miss Kate responds with firing Miss Angela as studio head. Miss Angela declares that she will defeat The Next Step at Regionals and promptly smashes cake in Miss Kate's face before leaving with Lily, who confesses that this is the reason why she never has any friends at dance. Miss Kate tells A-Troupe that they have to clean up the studio immediately, but the team starts celebrating Miss Angela's departure.

In Studio 1, Michelle and Emily ask Piper to do a few specific dance moves. After trying a few, Piper dances on her own and admits that she misses dancing. Michelle confesses that Piper is one of the best dancers on A-Troupe. After dancing, Piper tells them that she has to leave and that she is not going to quit dance after all. After Piper leaves, Emily asks Michelle if she misses being studio head to which Michelle replies "Every day."

In Studio A, the team is cleaning. Amy approaches Henry and smears some cake in his face; he chases after her, both of them laughing. The team starts an impromptu dance, all of them having fun.



Cultural References

  • The title of this episode alludes to the working title of the film Dear Dictator.




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