West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Today marks thirty days since I hired Angela to come in and work with The Next Step, and, since everything has gone so smoothly, she's going to become a full partner. We're gonna sign the paperwork after lunch.

Miss Kate

Miss Angela: Lily, uh, if you could, please, check the schedule, it's on my desk.
Lily: Do I have to?
Miss Angela: Uh, yes, that's what a dance captain does.

I've been looking forward to this day. I mean, I've had the opportunity to come in to fix studios, but I've never had a situation where I could become an owner.

Miss Angela

Miss Angela: Let's go lunch!
Miss Kate: Let's go!

I miss having Michelle and Emily as studio heads. They were a really great team.


Emily: Do you miss it?
Michelle: Every day.

We're running out of time before Miss Kate comes back with Miss Angela.


What's going on? What are you doing? Take that down! Now!

Lily to A-Troupe

Miss Kate and Miss Angela are coming!

Finn to A-Troupe

I hope my mom signed those papers or this is not gonna be good.


What is that?

Miss Kate, about a big canvas with Miss Angela's photo hung on Studio A

Walking in and seeing this giant canvas, I'm not exactly sure what's happening right now.

Miss Kate


Noah and Jacquie, revealing a cake

Miss Kate looks schocked and disgusted. It's awesome!


Congratulations on your new position at Miss Angela's The Next Step!

Miss Kate, reading the cake's frosting

This is not part of the agreement. The agreement did not say Miss Angela takes over and changes the name.

Miss Kate

Oh, no! It looks like Miss Angela is winning over Miss Kate. This can't be good.


Lily: I trusted you. I told you my mom's plan, how could you do this?
Richelle: Lily, it's nothing personal.
Lily: You betrayed me.
Richelle: You betrayed Piper.
Lily: No, that was different, I was doing what's best for The Next Step.
Richelle: You were doing what was best for you.
Ozzy: Alright, let's just take a second, regroup and eat some cake.
Richelle: Not now, Ozzy!
Lily: No, you know what? It looks like Richelle could use some cake!
A-Troupe: Oh!

That felt so good!


Oh, Lily, you wanna play that game? Watch out!


No, Lily, you can use some cake!


She did not just do that!


Food fight!


It's always been a dream of mine to yell "food fight".


Okay, it's on!


This wasn't really part of the plan, but I'm down.


You think I just owned the dance floor? I'm owning this food fight!


No one's throwing cake at me? Who don't want to hit this face? Looks like I'm gonna have to take matters into my own hands.


I brought you in to help fix the studio.

Miss Kate to Miss Angela

If Miss Kate does not get rid of Miss Angela after this, I don't know what's gonna get her to leave.


Miss Angela: What is going on here?
Miss Kate: Clearly, the dancers have lost control under your supervision.

No one disrespects me like this!

Miss Angela, after getting cake thrown at her face

Who threw that cake? Somebody better step forward, or you're all doing planks, all afternoon.

Miss Angela to A-Troupe

I've known Miss Angela a long time, but I've never seen her this upset before.


Summer: I did it. I threw the cake.
Amy: I threw the cake.
Ozzy: I threw the cake.
Noah: I threw the cake.
Richelle: I threw the cake.
Kenzie: I threw the cake.
Finn: I threw the cake.

I'm really impressed. The dancers are all sticking together as a team, because they really don't like Angela.

Miss Kate

Fine! Then you're all doing planks.

Miss Angela to A-Troupe

Oh, you do not have the right to demand that they do planks, because you are no longer the studio head of The Next Step.

Miss Kate to Angela

Bingo! That was the reaction I wanted.


Big mistake, Kate! Big mistake!


You're gonna regret it. Because I've already made plans to defeat The Next Step at Regionals

I'm going to find another team and I'm gonna crush The Next Step!


Prepare for defeat! Lily, we're leaving!


This is why I don't have friends at dance.


Lily, let's go!



A-Troupe to Angela

You all, need to clean this up, right now! Just, don't laugh! Don't laugh!

Miss Kate to A-Troupe, after getting cake thrown at her face by Angela

This is a great team. We've never connected so well. We've got a great chance at Regionals.


We're united and we can do anything together.


We're all so happy right now. We beat Miss Angela and we finally feel free. This is the best team I've ever been on.