Richelle being my new dance teacher is the best thing ever. The more time I spend with her, the better chance I have at becoming her boyfriend.


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"Crushing on Richelle" is the 7th episode of The Off Season: Season 1.


"Ozzy dreams of dancing with Richelle."[1]


Ozzy richelle off season cor 2

Ozzy and Richelle dance in Ozzy's imagination.

J-Troupe warms up in Studio A. One of the J-Troupers approaches Ozzy and reveals that Miss Amanda has left and will no longer be their teacher, anguishing Ozzy, who confesses that the new teacher can only hope to be as good as Amanda. Although, this is statement forgotten when Richelle, the new teacher, enters the room, tossing her hair (angelically, through Ozzy's eyes) in the process. Ozzy is left in awe, since he believes Richelle to be the best dancer in the studio. Ozzy consequently fantasizes about dancing with Richelle and ultimately decides that the more time he spends with Richelle, the more likely he is to become her boyfriend. Suddenly, Ozzy is snapped out of his fantasy by Richelle, who asks him if he is okay. Ozzy assures Richelle that he is fine, albeit not as fine as she is. Richelle starts the class, as Ozzy confesses that, while it will take time for Richelle to like him, it is bound to happen.


  • Ozzy is a member of J-Troupe.
  • Amanda was once the J-Troupe teacher, but no longer holds the position because she is on tour.
  • Richelle is the current J-Troupe teacher.
  • Ozzy has a crush on Richelle.




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