Would you like me to teach young Noah over here a little bit of a lesson?

Eldon, to Kate

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"Cry Me a River" is the 21st episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 85th episode overall. It aired on October 2, 2015.


Eldon is to compete for the Internationals male solo title, but Noah wants to have a shot and show Eldon that he is just as good as he is.


Steph mich giselle cierra riley season 3

Stephane, Giselle, Riley, Cierra and Michelle finish their routine after Michelle bursts in tears.

Giselle, Riley, Cierra, and Stephanie are performing a 2-7 person dance (that is to come with a yet-to-be-mentioned twist) in preparation for Absolute Dance Internationals, with Michelle. Despite Michelle being an alternate, Kate had enlisted her in the dance for practice, although Michelle is hurt and offended because she merely acts as a prop in the dance and poses on a throne in the background. When the dance ends, she bursts into tears.

Upon persuasion, Stephanie tries to comfort Michelle. She decides that she will get her a bottle of water and that when she returns in 90 seconds, Michelle should be okay.

Noah enters The Music Room where Eldon is dancing under the watch of Kate. Upon question, Kate reveals that Eldon has been picked to represent the team to compete for the title of Mister Internationals Soloist. Noah asserts that he would have liked to at least try out for the position, and although Kate and Eldon agree to the challenge, they instantly patronize him. Noah confesses his confidence and reveals that he now knows he is A-Troupe material, not J-Troupe material.

Stephanie is comforting Michelle, who claims that all of the tears are out of her system. Riley enters then, and tells them that they have to leave, as Kate designated her as female soloist and that she therefore needs to practice. Michelle instantly resumes crying.

Max ella james west season 3

The boys are shocked at Ella's burping skills.

West is talking to James and Max about Internationals when James, followed by Max, burp loudly. West is instantly disgusted, revealed to be because he cannot burp on command. The boys are appalled by this, but are interrupted by a thunderous burp, coming from none other than Ella. Ella approaches them, pounds her chest, and says: "Round one: Ella." James believes that Ella has challenged them.

Noah and Eldon begin to face off against each other. Eldon executes about 12 pirouettes, and brags about how much control he has. In retaliation, Noah effortlessly executes 30 pirouettes, knowing that Eldon has failed to reach the amount. Eldon downgrades it and says that there is a lot more to dance than pirouettes to which Noah replies that that isn't what Thalia said, upsetting Eldon.

West, Max, and James (watched by Ella) are in Hidalgo's attempting to drink raw eggs just as Rocky Balboa did; each boy has two raw egg yolks in their glass. The boys ultimately chicken out. Ella approaches them then, culminates the six eggs into one glass and drinks them all, astounding the boys. She beats her chest and says: "Round two: Ella."

Noah eldon season 3 cry me a river

Noah dances against Eldon.

They continue to face off, and although Noah is confident, Eldon eventually out-does him. Eldon admits that Noah is better than he thought.

Max, West, and James corner Ella and tell her to pick a sport to which they will challenge her to. She picks football, and the boys are elated, as Max is a "football legend." They try and fail to be intimidating as they leave The Music Room.

Noah and Eldon perform a duet together after realizing how similar their styles are. After the dance, Eldon assures Noah that he will have a solo the following year, giving Noah hope. He truly believes that one day, he will get to Eldon's level.

Ella season 3 t2

Ella tests the wind before she kicks the football.

The boys are at the field, waiting for Ella to arrive and are confused when Ella arrives with a soccer ball, not a football. They decide to still use the football, anyways and discard the soccer ball. The rules are that whoever can kick the football through the goal posts wins. Max goes first, and despite the boy's positive encouragement, Max misses the posts by a landslide. Ella goes next, and cleanly kicks the football through the goals. Before exiting she beats her chest and says "Round three: Ella." She confesses that the activities are not hard since she has four older brothers.

Stephanie comforts Michelle once more, but with a different approach; Stephanie tells Michelle to reveal all of the things that are making her upset in the hopes that she will get them out of her system. Michelle commences with her list: her parents are divorced; she is now an alternate for the biggest competition ever, and her mother took her cat, Tiggy, with her to Wisconsin. After taking a deep breath, Michelle admits that she now feels better.



  • Giselle confesses that a twist is to come in regards to their small group which is revealed in "Blind."
  • When Eldon tells Noah that that five individuals that have tried to take him down have failed, he mentions the time when he beat Hunter in "Sacrifice," as well as the time he beat Daniel in "Old Friends."
  • The routine that is practiced in this episode is first mentioned in "Marry Me."

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  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Justin Timberlake.





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