You know, I've seen so much wild stuff happen over my time here, but I always knew A-Troupe would find a solution. We always do.

Emily to Nick

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Dance, Dance, Resurrection is the 20th episode of Season 7 of The Next Step and the 200th episode overall. It aired on July 15, 2020.[1]


A-Troupe is left scrambling after one of its dancers leaves unexpectedly.[1]


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  • Although this is technically the 202nd episode with the inclusion of the two Christmas special episodes, The Next Step official Instagram and YouTube channel, and CBBC treat this episode as the 200th episode. Despite this, in the footage of 1 second for the 200 episodes, both Christmas special episodes are included.
  • Summer and Cleo are no longer friends.
  • Richelle will be competing as a soloist at Dancemania and is no longer competing with A-Troupe.
  • Summer is back on A-Troupe and will be competing at Dancemania with them.
  • Nick has offered Emily a co-owner position at The Next Step.
  • Finn will be replacing Richelle for the Resurrection Round at Dancemania


  • Ozzy being absent from rehearsal due to getting food poisoning is reminiscent of the same thing happening to him in "Convention Tension".

Cultural references 

Behind the Scenes

  • Briar Nolet is credited as a choreographer in this episode.

Production Error

  • When A-Troupe was wearing there Dance A Outfit only Kenzie wasn't wearing her Dance A Outfit, she wore Dance B Outfit instead.





Featured music

Featured dances


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