"Dance, Lies and Hoverboards" is the 3rd episode of Season 5 of The Next Step and the 137th episode. It aired on June 9, 2017.


"An unpolished new dancer at TNS West might not have what it takes to be part of the team."[1]


Dlh the members of tns east are on phones

The members of TNS East play on their phones.

Lola, Josh, and Noah are joking around and taking selfies in Studio 1, along with the other members of TNS East. Emily notices this idleness from her office and emerges holding out a box, telling the dancers to put their phones in it as they do not need distractions.

Meanwhile, all of the members of TNS West are watching one of Kingston's dance videos. Michelle directs the dancers over to Amy, who will be teaching them some choreography. As the dancers line-up, Kingston assures that he is at the front. Amy teaches the choreography, which everybody is getting except for Kingston. West and Michelle quickly notice that Kingston is struggling. The dancers proceed to do the choreography with music, which Kingston proves to do worse with. Amy stops the dancing and calls Kingston over. Amy tells Kingston that he is doing a pas de chat as opposed to a pas de bourree, Kingston pretending to know what that means. Michelle tells the dancers to take a break. Kingston is concerned, feeling that he is behind the other dancers. As the dancers leave for their break, Michelle stops Kingston. West confesses that he is worried, since he is the one who brought Kingston in.

Dlh emily tells piper

Emily asks Piper to book extra rehearsals.

TNS East rehearses a routine. Piper is struggling and being called out on it by Emily, making her stressed. When the dance ends, Emily asks Piper to book extra rehearsal time with her. Emily then announces the new dance captain, who is none other than Richelle. Richelle is left thrilled. Lola pulls Noah aside and expresses her belief that they should be celebrating Richelle's position by taking her out for juice or something. Noah reveals to Lola that Richelle doesn't really hang out with anyone. Lola understands, having previously been in a position where she prioritized dance over friendship.

West freestyles with Kingston, relating as two self-taught dancers. West tells Kingston that when he started at The Next Step Dance Studio, he didn't know ballet, contemporary, or any of the dance terms, but assures Kingston that they include and help everyone at the studio. Kingston initially records West doing the choreography, but West urges him to learn the choreography right away. Kingston says that it will take him two or three days to learn the choreography he recorded but, upon seeing West's reaction, lies that he meant hours. West realizes that it isn't just the dance terms Kingston cannot pick up; Kingston cannot do choreography which is a problem.

At Neutral Grounds, Amy tells Piper about Kingston and that it must be nice to be with classically trained dancers, although Piper admits that it is intimidating. As Piper and Amy continue to speak, Amy's mom arrives to bring Amy's forgotten lunch. Amy confesses that she fears her mom will eventually walk in on her while dancing with TNS West. As Amy's mom talks about A-Troupe, Piper is forced to lie about Amy's whereabouts, much to her chagrin. Amy's mom asks if she can see a sneak peak of their "duet" when she comes to pick her up and Amy lies that she can. When Amy's mom leaves, Piper begrudgingly agrees to do a duet with Amy in exchange for Amy helping her with choreography.

Meanwhile, Kingston enters Michelle's office upon Michelle and West's beckoning. Michelle tells Kingston that she and West have decided TNS West is not the place for Kingston at the moment. Kingston asks for another chance, citing West's growth as a dancer, and is begrudgingly offered it. Michelle tells Kingston that he has until the end of the day to pick up the choreography.

Richelle lola dlah

Richelle tells Lola that she has a fat chance of tricking her.

Lola approaches Richelle as she rehearses at the ballet barre. Lola tells Richelle they should be celebrating her captaincy, but accuses Lola of buttering her up so she can get the solo. Lola assures Richelle that she just wants to be friends, which humours Richelle. Lola assures Richelle that once she gets to know her, she'll want to be her friend. Richelle stands by her belief that Lola is trying to kiss up to her. Meanwhile, Michelle and West watch Kingston from the office, who happens to be on his phone. When Michelle expresses concern, West explains that that is how he learns choreography.

Amy is helping Piper with the choreography while the two also construct a duet. Amy believes that Studio 1 is where she should be. As the two rehearse their duet, Emily enters the studio and watches. When they finish, Emily applauds the dance, particularly Piper, but asks her why she is teaching choreography to "an outsider". When Amy says nothing, Emily orders Piper to her office. Emily asks Amy why she is still there, and Amy promptly leaves.

Working on a new dance, Richelle is getting the dancers to perform tricks to see where to place them in the routine. After Josh dances, Richelle lambastes him about goofing off, irritating Josh. Josh comments to Lola that Richelle's on a power trip, causing Lola to tell him to show her some respect. Seeing the exchange, Richelle thinks that she may have misjudged Lola. Meanwhile, Michelle and West are ready to see Kingston dance. Surely enough, Kingston is doing incorrect choreography, much to Michelle's chagrin. Ultimately, Michelle tells Kingston to come back next year, leaving him heartbroken.

Dlh piper no talking amy

Piper tells Amy that until she talks to her mom about being on TNS West, she isn't talking to her.

Piper retreats to the locker room, hot and sweaty after having had to do 200 military push-ups as punishment by Emily for leaking the choreography — and also incredibly angry that she was put in such a position by Amy. (The punishment itself is not seen — only mentioned.) Just then, Amy enters the locker room and asks Piper how things went. Despite Piper's negative response, Amy tells her that they should probably get back to the studio to the duet. Piper furiously tells Amy that she is being selfish and that she won't lie for her anymore. Furthermore, Piper asserts that until Amy speaks to her mom, she won't speak to her. Amy is unsure of what to do. Meanwhile, Richelle offers Lola a solo in the routine, which Lola turns down. Impressed and realizing that Lola actually wants to be her friend, Richelle asks Lola to get juice with her, which Lola agrees to. Lola confesses that she thinks she and Richelle will be best friends.

Noah is teaching Baby Ballet in Studio A, with Kingston as one of its members. When Michelle enters the studio to grab her things, she notices Kingston and is impressed. As Noah calls for second position, a ballerina behind Kingston at the barre tells him to point out his feet; Kingston thanks the youngster, and she assures him he will get it. Michelle realizes how much Kingston wants to be on the team and tells him he is back on, exciting Kingston. Kingston knows he has a lot to learn, but refuses to give up.







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