I don't think Miss Angela is that bad. I mean, at least, she can tell good dancing, when she sees it.


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"Dance-Zilla" is the 3rd episode in Season 6 of The Next Step and the 157th episode overall. It aired on September 30, 2018.


Richelle is back and A-Troupe desperately hopes she will bring down Miss Angela.[1]


All of A-Troupe are rehearsing duets in Studio A for the auditions for the featured duet at Regionals, waiting for Miss Angela and Lily to come. Kingston talks about the importance of Richelle being back from her injury. Richelle confesses that she needs to make it up to A-Troupe because she feels responsible for Emily and Michelle being fired as co-studio heads. Miss Angela comes out of her office and tells A-Troupe to dazzle her with their duets which they clearly have been practising. Noah and Jacquie are first, but Jacquie complains that she and Noah cannot win because Lily is in the running. Lily and Ozzy are next, and Lily shows a lot of sass by shoving Ozzy's face to the ground, but she compliments him saying that he supports her dancing well. Richelle confesses that she thinks that the other A-Troupers are overreacting because Lily has presence. Winnie, the former B-Trouper, and Kingston compete next. Then Henry and Amy, who perform well. Summer and Kenzie are up next, and Summer confesses that despite not having previously known Richelle, she believes that the others are right when they say Richelle is fierce, and will get rid of Miss Angela. Richelle and Finn perform their duet, and Richelle thinks Miss Angela isn't that bad because she brought in great dancers. After all the duets have performed, Miss Angela gathers everyone around and announces Lily and Richelle will have the duet, causing Richelle to disagree with the others even more. Amy tells Richelle that that is an example of how Miss Angela favours Lily. Richelle claims everyone 'immature' because Miss Angela is not so bad. Richelle leaves Amy and goes over to Lily instead. 

Summer enters Studio 1's locker room to see Richelle and tells her that Lily is bad news but Richelle brushes her off by claiming that Summer is jealous and there is nothing wrong with Lily. Summer just want Richelle to be careful around Lily. Richelle tell Summer she is the last person she need to be worried about. 

In Studio A Richelle and Lily are practicing their duet with Miss Angela. Miss Angela critiquing Richelle comparing her to Lily. Miss Angela leave them so they can continue rehersing together. Lily tell Richelle if they continue rehersing Richelle can get to her level. Richelle find the critique fustrating but stay quite to keep the duel spot. 

In Shakes & Ladders Finn want to talk to Ozzy aout Richelle. Finn ask Ozzy if Richelle has a boyfriend. Ozzy try to distract him by talking about other girls but in the end tell Finn that Richelle doesn't have a boyfriend.

In the Locker Room, Summer, Noah and Amy talk about the Miss Angela situation. Summer tell them Richelle has gone to the dark side. Noah suggest talking to Miss Kate, but they don't think going to Miss Kate is going to end well. They decide to fold and fall in line with Miss Angela. 

In Studio A. Richelle watching A-Troupe practicing their groupe routine under the guidance of Miss Angela so she can learn it. Richelle doesn't believe what she is seeing. They are all on auto-pilot. Miss Angela doesn't use anybody talent she bring everyone down to Lily level. Richelle see that Miss Angela has brooken their spirits. The Dancer are the heart of the next step and if they beake them she bake TNS. Richelle believe she need to set things right because she the one that got Emily and Michelle fired. 

Richelle see's Lily in Shakes & Ladders. She tried to befriend Lily to find a way to save The Next Step. She proposed to be Lily assistant. Lily love the idea, she tell us that no one has been as nice to her has Richelle has. 

Meanwhile in Studio 1, Finn is meeting with Ozzy. Ozzy ask Finn to help Kenzie with her hip hop moves. Earlier Ozzy has told Kenzie that Finn need help with his contemporary moves. Ozzy hope Kenzie and Finn hook up togeter so Finn stay away from Richelle. Finn and Kenzie tried to teach each other dance without telling them they are teaching leaving both of them confused. They decide to make a Hip-Hop Contamporary mash up duet. 

In Studio A, Lily is presenting Richelle as her new assistant. Lily ask Richelle to tell her the dancer weaknesses so she can choose the alternate for regional. Richelle give them harsh critism to gain Lily trust. She tell Lily: Henry can't do ballet at all because his feet are like bricks; Jacquie only dance with one facial expression; Amy is really nice; Lily add that nice doesn't win regionals; Kingston just graduated baby ballet; Noah put his relationship before dance.

Back in Studio 1, Finn and Kenzie had finish they contemporary hip hop mash up dance. They compliment each other and figured ou that Ozzy set them up they don't need help with their dances.

Noah confront Richelle in the Locker Room. He tell Richelle that her weakness is that she is a traitor. Richelle believe that she just lost all her friend and she is no closer to Lily than before. Lily come in and invite Richelle to the Shakes.

In Shakes & Ladders, Lily confide to Richelle that her mom is on a 30 days probation period and the next day is when the probation end, Miss Angela will become a full fledge partner to the Next Step Studio. Lily show Richelle Miss Angela plans to change the whole studio. She show picture of the new concept, very showy like a Las Vegas theme. Lily tell that it's all on her mother photoshare. 

In the Locker Room, Finn meet with Ozzy. By being sarcastic he tell Ozzy that he found out about his scheme. He ask Ozzy why he messing with them. Ozzy confess that he like Richelle. Finn agree to back away from Richelle, bro code and there is plenty of fish in the see. Ozzy ask if he has a shot with Richelle. Finn tell him no chance. 

In Studio A, the team talk about Richelle and her earlier "critique".  Richelle come in. The team is unhappy to see her. She tell them Lily has given her all the information to take the studio back, and ask who's in. 




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