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"Dancing with Myself" is the 9th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 103rd episode overall. It aired on April 8, 2016.


"Noah's rehearsal prompts a discussion about which trio should be showcased to represent The Next Step. Meanwhile, Michelle wants Alfie to help her bolster her concentration skills on the dance floor; and Sloane gets pranked by Amy and Cassie."[1]


Skylar season 4 dwm

Skylar watches the trio rehearse.

Richelle, Piper and Noah are in Studio A, preparing to rehearse their trio before Riley. Before they begin, Noah asks Riley if they can slow down the routine, although Riley angrily tells him that such is the dance's tempo. The three begin to dance, although it is clear that Noah is marking the trio to which Riley calls him out on. He confesses that his back is sore from over-rehearsing the routine on his own, and the pain is not going away. As the three continue their routine, Skylar watches on the bench behind them as she packs her bag. Noting that Noah is marking, Riley calls Noah into her office. Skylar confesses that she knows her trio could do better. In her office, Riley confronts Noah and tells him that she needs to be able to count on him as there will be double the amount of teams at Regionals. Although unsure if he will be okay in time for the competition, Noah assures Riley that she can count on him. After he exits her office, Skylar enters the office and assure Riley that her trio could do a much better job, which gets Riley thinking.


Having not read the book, Sloane lies about the farm in The Horses of Davenport.

In Java Junction, Sloane meets Cassie and Amy. There, Cassie and Amy pull out their copies of The Horses of Davenport for discussion, causing Sloane to panic because she forgot to read the book for the book club meeting. When asked about what she thought of the farm in the novel, Sloane says that she thought it was lovely, confusing Amy and Cassie because the farm in the novel is where the horses are turned into glue. Sloane then lies that she thought they were talking about the other farm, but seeing as there is no other farm in the novel, Amy and Cassie know that she didn't read the book.

Alfie is performing a recreational solo to "I Wanna See You Work" to remain sharp and precise, when Michelle enters and watches his routine. She is blown away by the intensity he portrays in his dancing. Seeing this, Michelle asks him if he could teach her a couple of moves to which Alfie agrees.

Skylar latroy henry season 4 dwm

Skylar tells Henry to drop the juice.

Skylar and LaTroy enter Java Junction where Henry is drinking juice. Skylar tells him to drop it, as they might have another chance to chance at the Qualifier which is only reaffirmed when Riley enters and says as much. The three are excited at their new opportunity.

As part one of his tutelage, Alfie instructs Michelle to do a "monkey flip", but tells her that in order to do so, she must become the monkey. Alfie demonstrates by performing an aerial and making monkey noises. Michelle hesitantly follows suit, but still feels as though she is struggling. In the Rehearsal Room, Skylar, LaTroy, and Henry are attempting to practice their routine, although LaTroy and Henry can't seem to remember it. Skylar tells them to work around it by free-styling, causing her to believe that their new routine could actually be better.

Cassie, Amy, and Sloane are still conversing about the novel. At this point, Cassie and Amy are just messing around with Sloane since they know that she didn't read the novel. Seeing as both the story's captain and Sloane are French, Cassie and Amy tell her to act out one of his scenes which Sloane dubs as a nightmare.

Michelle is in first arabesque before Alfie who notices that despite her decent physicality, something is still wrong. Alfie asks her what she is thinking about and Michelle says that she is thinking about how her foot hurts and how there is sweat dripping down her back, but upon further prodding, admits that she likes this guy from Lost & Found, but is unsure of his feelings toward her. Alfie finally lets Michelle get out of position, but tells her that everybody has problems although they all have to be left behind when she dances. As Michelle gets into position once more, Alfie confesses that he isn't sure if Michelle is ready for the next task.

Piper noah richelle season 4 2

Piper and Richelle confront Noah.

Piper and Richelle approach Noah in the Lounge, prodding him for a reason as to why Riley wanted to speak to him. Noah lies that he and Riley had a nice little chat about the trio, which neither Richelle nor Piper believes since Riley asked to see them in the Rehearsal Room. Noah assures them that there probably isn't an issue and the three head to the Rehearsal Room, although Noah confesses that the situation probably isn't good. Meanwhile, Alfie and Michelle take part in a staring contest in Studio A, which Michelle struggles with. Simultaneously, Riley, Piper, and Noah enter the Rehearsal Room where Riley is and are surprised to see Skylar, LaTroy, and Henry enter. Riley tells Piper, Richelle, and Noah that she is letting Skylar, LaTroy, and Henry re-audition for the qualifier, angering Richelle and Piper. Noah confesses that he hopes her hasn't cost his team their spot.

Skylar, LaTroy, and Henry audition extremely well, making Piper, Noah, and Richelle nervous. Riley confesses that after seeing them dance, she isn't sure which trio is better. Riley tells the teams that she'll notify them when she has made her decision.

In Java Junction, Sloane stands on a table as she acts out a scene from the novel, which has attracted an audience. As Sloane finishes her monologue to applause and Amy suggests that she perform a victory dance, she steps down from the table and admits to Cassie and Amy that she didn't actually read the book. Sloane confesses that next time she is just going to read the book.

Michelle michelle season 4

Michelle watches the figment of herself's hand on her shoulder.

In the Rehearsal Room, Richelle and Piper worriedly converse about whether or they not they will get to keep the trio. Soon after, Noah, Skylar, LaTroy, Henry, and Riley enter. Noah is torn about whether or not he wants the trio due to his back injury. Riley reveals that, despite how good Skylar's trio was, she is sticking with the original. Skylar storms out of the room, believing that Riley made the wrong choice. LaTroy follows suit, leaving Henry as the only dancer who congratulates the winning trio members. Richelle and Piper hug Noah in excitement with Noah confessing that he wishes he could say something, but can't. Meanwhile, Alfie and Michelle are still staring at each other. Once Alfie has dubbed their contest sufficient, Alfie tells Michelle to remember that she will be unable to face anything else unless she first faces herself and exits the room. Michelle closes her eyes and when she re-opens them, she sees none other than herself before her. The two versions of Michelle eventually begin to dance together (new Michelle wears a blue top, and her hair hangs loose; while old Michelle's top is pink, and her hair is drawn up in a bun). Michelle comes to realize that the only thing holding her back was herself and by the end of the duet, emerges as the new Michelle.



Behind the Scenes

  • In Lost & Found Music Studios, the unknown boy that Michelle has feelings for is confirmed to be John. However, this is never explicitly mentioned in The Next Step - though it is arguably alluded to in "The Edge of Glory".
  • The scenes of the two versions of Michelle dancing together were achieved by use of a split-screen effect. For shots where split-screen could not be used, another dancer, Sarah Vance, doubled for Victoria Baldesarra as both the old and new Michelle, keeping her back to the camera or appearing in long shot.

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Generation X.




  • Sarah Vance as Michelle (dance double)


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