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Guys... we need to start thinking about forfeiting.


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"Danger Zone" (also known as "What Dreamers Do (Part 1)", simply "What Dreamers Do", or "Rewind") is a special in Season 2, that precedes "Rewind," but was aired after the finale as never-before-seen footage. It is the 33rd episode of Season 2, and the 63rd episode overall. It aired on March 13, 2015.


The team awaits a verdict as to whether Emily can dance or whether the team has to forfeit. Awards are handed out for the top three dancers in each of the categories danced so far. An unexpected supporter of The Next Step offers to help.


Emily riley season 2 dz

Emily and Riley discuss Emily's knee.

Emily is trying to test out her injured knee on-stage to see if there is any way that she can dance. From the wings, Riley and Tess and Amanda, who are hidden, watch as Emily struggles to walk. As Emily continues to painfully struggle, Riley runs onto the stage and tells Emily that she needs to rest. Emily is deeply disheartened that the team came so far and won't be able to dance because of her. As Riley helps Emily off the stage, Amanda expresses her belief that Emily doesn't deserve what happened to her and that the team doesn't either. Tess disagrees, but still looks on at Emily's disappearing figure.

In the dressing room, Phoebe attempts to heal Emily's knee by "energetically straightening out the ligaments." Kate tells the two that they are trying to get the physiotherapist in to see if anything can be done. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is pacing, waiting to find out if Emily is okay. Kate arrives and asks where the physiotherapist is in exasperation. Eldon and Hunter leave to go find him.

The SNR Network begins their coverage with Chuck Anderson and Tré Armstrong speaking of the current state of the competition and introducing the awards ceremony. At the podium, Sandra asks the audience to applaud for the male soloists who won first, second, and third place, Rocco being the first runner-up. The awards, as described by James and Riley, are based on individual scores, so somebody who did not win their round can still get an award. The top three contenders for the title of Miss Nationals Soloist are Michelle, Lexi, and Amanda. Amanda comes in third and, when she moves to claim her trophy, Lexi tells Michelle that she heard about Emily's injury and it seems as though the team is running out of time. Quoting James, Michelle tells her not to worry about it. Lexi places second. As Lexi claims her trophy after Amanda has resuemd her position, Amanda asks about Emily, but is dismissed by Michelle. Michelle is Miss Nationals Soloist for the second year in a row, the first occurrence of such in 14 years. Lucien and the rest of Elite Dance Academy fail to acknowledge Amanda's third place finish.


Eldon and Hunter walk down the corridor, searching for the physiotherapist.

Eldon and Hunter are still searching for the physiotherapist. As the two walk down a corridor Eldon expresses that, while he is happy to be at Nationals, he is upset that he is missing the football game. Hunter reveals that he is listening to it and Eldon pulls one of the earbuds out of Hunter's ear to listen. Through text, West, Chloe, Giselle, and Thalia receive the news that Michelle won Miss Nationals Soloist. Kate finally enters with the found physiotherapist, unbeknownst to the still-searching boys. The physiotherapist begins to work on Emily's knee.

The partners from Joanne Chapman's School of Dance, Life of Dance, and James and Riley, take the stage as the finalists for the award for best duet. Joanne Chapman's School of Dance places third, James and Riley place second, and Life of Dance places first. Although content with their place, Riley admits that it is nerve-wracking to have lost to LOD, who they are supposed to face in the finals.

With the small group awards approaching, West, James, Hunter, and Eldon need to take to the stage. West hurries to the stage, unaware of Eldon and Hunter's location. Meanwhile, Hunter and Eldon are lost in the backstage area of the venue. Shawn Desman asks the finalists to take the stage. James is the only member of his small group who is present and awkwardly stands on the stage alone, waiting for the rest of his team. Eldon and Hunter are standing on a stairway and see a guy walk past. They call out to him, to inquire as to how he entered the building, but he doesn't seem to hear them. They try to follow the guy through a door, but it shuts before they can go through it, leaving them locked out. West accompanies James on-stage, while Hunter and Eldon find an exit to a grassy area at the rear of the venue. As James and West wait for them to arrive, and as Chuck and Tré begin speaking of Emily's injury, Riley catches Amanda looking at herself and Michelle from the opposite wings. Upon realizing this to, Michelle reveals to Riley that Amanda was asking about Emily's injury earlier. While Michelle dismisses it, Riley confesses that Amanda looks sad, rather than scheming. Eldon and Hunter continue wandering, try another door and finally find themselves on the stage, allowing Shawn and Sandra to finally present the awards. Elite places third, Life of Dance places second, and James, Eldon, and West place first.

What dreamers do

Emily sits in Dressing Room 4.

As Chloe, Thalia, and Giselle receive the news that the boys won the best small group award Kate, with Phoebe and the physiotherapist in tow, reveal that Emily cannot dance in the finals.

Riley enters the dressing room and tries to comfort Emily, although she is too distraught. Emily kindly asks Riley to leave and proceeds to cry about her predicament after the departure.


Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Kenny Loggins.






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