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"Danger Zone" is the 28th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 122nd episode overall. It aired on December 2, 2016.


"Riley asks James for an impossible favour for the studio. Skylar helps the zero percenters deal with their nerves. James and Alfie have a heated conversation."[1]


Season 4 dz jiley photo

Emily deems James a suitable fit for the duet.

In her office, Riley tells Michelle and Emily that they did to choose the best dancer for the Qualifier duet. Michelle assures Riley that she would be honoured to compete, but Riley declines. Emily confesses that the new choreography is perfect, but that they need to find a second male dancer. Michelle suggests Henry and LaTroy, although Riley declines due to their inexperience. Upon seeing a photo of Riley and James performing their duet at Internationals, Emily suggests that James be in the duet.

Riley season 4 dz

Riley deems asking James to do the duet too cruel.

Since the list of team members has not yet been given to the Regionals board, the prospect of James dancing is plausible. Both Michelle and Riley object to the idea, especially since Riley just broke up with him and James would be dancing with Alfie. Nonetheless, Emily urges Riley to ask James.

In the Rehearsal Room, Skylar, Cassie, Sloane, and Piper attempt to rehearse their Regionals routine, but it is not going well. When the group takes a break, Skylar overhears Cassie, Sloane, and Piper expressing their worry about not qualifying to Regionals. Realizing that this is what is holding the girls back from a good rehearsal, Skylar vows to relinquish their nerves.

Riley alfie season 4 dz

Riley tells Alfie that she can't stop thinking about him.

Riley pulls Alfie aside in the corridor leading to Studio A. Riley tells Alfie that she can't stop thinking about him and kisses him, much to his delight.

Skylar waits for Sloane, Cassie, and Piper in Java Junction. She confesses that page 12 of the dance captain diary states that if all else fails, a game of truth or dare will solve any team problem. When the girls arrive, Skylar reveals that they will be playing truth or dare. After Sloane picks dare, Skylar dares her to order a muffin backwards. Although the scenario proves to be silly, it eases Sloane's nerves. Emily waits for Riley in Riley's office and urges Riley to ask James to dance at the qualifier once again. Riley realizes that Emily is right.

Piper cassie skylar season 4 dz

Cassie reveals that when she went rock climbing, she froze once at the top.

After picking truth, Cassie is asked to reveal her most embarrassing story. Cassie recollects a time when she went rock climbing and froze when she finally got to the top. Cassie assures the girls that a very cute boy rescued her and asked her for her number, which she gave to him. Although, she does not go any further, as the story was supposed to be embarrassing, not romantic.

James approaches Alfie in the Rehearsal Room. The two decide that they should lay everything out on the table. Alfie finalizes that he and Riley did kiss, to which James angrily assures Alfie that he knows. Alfie apologizes for what happened, but admits that he is sorry for the complicated situation, rather than for kissing Riley. James angrily tells Alfie that it shouldn't be complicated, as he knew that Riley had a boyfriend. Although, Alfie tells James that it is complicated because he loves Riley, which results in James ordering Alfie to walk away immediately. Alfie refuses to, as he said nothing but the truth. James and Alfie angrily stand off with their faces mere inches a part. James tells Alfie that if he stays there, something bad is going to happen. Not wanting this, James leaves.

Skylar sloane cassie piper richelle season 4 dz

Skylar, Sloane, Cassie, and Piper tell Richelle that they love her.

After revealing that she is intimidated by Richelle, Piper is dared to get Richelle to tell her that she loves her. Piper tells Richelle that she loves her as a dancer, causing Richelle to admit that she loves herself as a dancer too. To assist Piper, the other girls also bombard Richelle with messages of affection. Overwhelmed, Richelle tells the girls that she loves them too, unknowingly fulfilling the dare. In Riley's office, Riley asks James to dance at the qualifier with Alfie, appalling James. Riley tells James that while he has every right to hate her, she thought there was a small part of him that still cared about her. James assures Riley that all of him cares about her, but leaves nonetheless.

James is skimming through his pictures with Riley when he receives a video call from Eldon and West. Eldon asks James to pick up his lucky coin before he returns, which is taped to the wall in the closet in Studio A. In the Rehearsal Room, Skylar reveals that she fears that she will be a poor dance captain, which the girls assure is a nonsensical fear. With all of their nerves out the way, the girls perform a successful rehearsal of their routine to "That's How I Know."

Emily james season 4 dz 5

James regards the coin.

After retrieving Eldon's coin, James is confronted by Emily. Emily asks James why he isn't fighting for Riley, as both he and she know that Riley wants him to stay. James confesses that he is sick of thinking about Riley and that he will leave their relationship up to fate. James decides to flip for it; if the coin lands on heads he will dance with Alfie, and if it lands on tails he will leave and never return. James throws the coin, catches it, and places it onto his hand. His eyes dart toward the coin.




Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Kenny Loggins.





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