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Jacquie: Daniel's intense.
Noah: He is the best, though, so...

— "Noah's New Crush"

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Daniel is the former co-head choreographer for A-Troupe.

Daniel was a member of B-Troupe, but eventually gets promoted to A-Troupe.[5] Daniel finds that his ankle begins acting up, but pushes his worry away due to his competitive drive. Eventually, the injury catches up with him, effectively taking him out of the rest of the dance season.[6]

Daniel's ankle heals and he returns to A-Troupe the following season, but is angered when he is not in any featured dances for Nationals. Daniel eventually provides Kate with an ultimatum; if he does not get the solo, he will leave the studio to attend Superstar Dance Academy, which he follows through with when he does not get the solo.[7] At Nationals, Daniel competes against Eldon in the solo round and loses. Although, he is granted the opportunity to audition for Juilliard.[2]

Daniel bombs his Juilliard audition and decides to join Elite Dance Academy, where his attitude takes a shift for the worse.[1] As Daniel is met with failure after failure and loses the support of those he once deemed friends, Daniel decides he needs to change his ways. After hearing that Lucien will be the judge for the finals at Internationals, Daniel flies all the way to Miami and gets him fired.[8]

Daniel returns to The Next Step Dance Studio as a guest choreographer for the auditions[9] and is eventually hired by Emily to be head choreographer of A-Troupe.[10]


Before the show

Daniel started dancing when he was seven, causing him to work all the more harder, since most of his peers began dancing far earlier.[5] He was mentored by Giselle at 5 years old and she became his best friend.[11]

Daniel joined B-Troupe.[12]

Season 1

After making it into A-Troupe, Daniel is granted a solo to be showcased within the finals routine at Regionals.[13] Around this time, his ankle begins to act up from a previous injury. Fearing he will lose his solo, Daniel refuses to notify anybody about the pain.

Daniel is approached by West about Michelle, Riley, and James's routine to dethrone Emily as dance captain, which he agrees to join once promised the solo.[14] He performs the routine with the others, successfully before Kate, dethroning Emily.[15]

Daniel giselle season 1 2

Daniel compliments Giselle.

Daniel is wary of Giselle being adamant about him performing the helicopter lift with her, due to his ankle, but eventually agrees. After successfully rehearsing the lift with Giselle, Daniel feels more comfortable about the idea of sneaking it into the rehearsal of the Regionals routine. Although, during the routine, Daniel falls to the ground in pain upon performing the lift.[6] At the hospital, Daniel learns that he has a grade three ankle sprain, meaning that he cannot perform at Regionals.[6]

Season 2

With a now healed ankle,[16] Daniel returns to the studio. He is threatened by the presence of a contemporary auditioner at the Challenge and disillusioned by what he deems as Kate's patronizing behaviour,[17] but makes into onto A-Troupe nonetheless.[18]

Daniel season 2

Daniel performs a solo in Studio A.

Daniel auditions for the solo[19] and the small group with Chloe and Hunter,[20] but does not get either dance, upsetting him. Daniel reaches his wits end and approaches Kate with an ultimatum; if he does not get the solo, he will leave to attend Superstar Dance Academy, where Chris has promises him a solo upon arrival. To his disappointment, Kate refuses to give him the solo, leading Daniel to leave The Next Step and enroll at Superstar Dance.[7]

At Nationals, Daniel refuses to acknowledge his former teammates, including Giselle. He is overly confident about his solo, for which he is pitted against Eldon, but grows worried upon seeing Eldon's intense performance. When The Next Step is deemed the winner of the round, Daniel is irate. Daniel comes to understand the error of his ways, however, and apologizes to Giselle at the afterparty. At the same party, he is approached by the the head of Juilliard and asked to audition for the prestigious academy, fulfilling one of his life-long dreams.[2]

Season 3

Daniel season 3

Daniel is offered a spot on Elite by Lucien.

Daniel is sullen about his failed Juilliard audition and is left with nowhere to dance. He is offered a spot on Elite Dance Academy by Lucien which he takes, as he is desperate to dance, and it provides him the possibility of attending Internationals.[1]

Daniel grows increasingly hostile to his former peers[21] and, amidst the battles, is intrinsic in Lucien's plan that pits James and Riley against each other.[22]

Daniel is pitted against Giselle and is extremely confident about his solo, until he sees Giselle dance. He is easily beat by her.[23]
Daniel season 3 ih

After Chloe's departure, Daniel arrives to audition for A-Troupe.

Upon hearing that there is an open spot on A-Troupe, Daniel returns to the studio, having run out of options. He is met with scorn from his former friends, who vote for Stephanie over him. Daniel dejectedly leaves, realizing that he has been mean..[24]

After hearing that Lucien is a judge for the final round of Internationals, Daniel flies to Miami to get him fired. Despite being met with anger from Giselle, Daniel still manages to send her video evidence that Lucien is a biased judge. Daniel is happy with Lucien is fired, and even more so with The Next Step wins the competition.[8]

Season 4

Upon Kate's invitation, Daniel acts as the guest choreographer for A-Troupe auditions.[9]

The Off Season: Season 1

Daniel attends regular meetings with Emily about the future of The Next Step[25] and leads ballet workshops at the studio.[26]

Season 5

Daniel becomes the head choreographer for TNS East.[10]

He is strict on the dancers, in particular Noah.[27]

When TNS East and TNS West merge, Daniel keeps his position as head choreographer, but is joined alongside by West.

Daniel finds out that Richelle has snapping-hip-syndrome, due to hearing a crack when she attempts a kick at the ballet bar. Upon telling Emily about his discovery, she decides to ignore it as they are about to film the Qualifier video. He is annoyed that she ignores it, but says that whatever she decides to do, is on her. Besides being extremely nervous waiting for the qualifier video results, Daniel is ecstatic when he finds out The Next Step made it to regionals.


Daniel is an inadvertently dramatic person, who is very determined, although hard on himself. This is proven when he does not notify anyone that he has injured his ankle in fear that he will lose his solo. Although, this also makes him selfish.

He only becomes more selfish and self-absorbed during Season 2, when he does not get the solo for Nationals.[19] This causes him to give Kate an ultimatum: give him the solo, or he'll leave to go to Superstar Dance.[7]

After losing at Nationals and ruining his chances at getting into Juilliard, his attitude worsens. Daniel becomes desperate to get an opportunity to dance, and despite his self-piteous interior, he comes off as extremely arrogant and cold. After failing at his attempt to be on The Next Step's Internationals team once again, he comes to realize that he has been mean.[24] When Daniel returns in Season 4, he seems to have reverted to his initial personality.

Physical appearance


Daniel has dark eyes and olive skin. His hair is dark brown during Season 1 and Season 2 and turns slightly lighter from Season 3 onwards. 


Before his antagonistic characteristics present themselves, Daniel's wardrobe consists mostly of red. In early Season 3, he wears the Elite uniform, with a blue undershirt, and black shorts. As his personality begins to revert to his initial one, his wardrobe slowly follows. In Season 1, his street-wear consists of red and blue checkered shirts with light brown shorts. Later, Daniel alternates between a leather jacket and a short-sleeved denim jacket, and generally wears darker colours. In Season 4, Daniel wears periwinkle.



  • Acro: Daniel is proficient at acro, although it is not his strongest style when compared to his male peers.
  • Ballet: Ballet is one of Daniel's main styles, which he is proficient in.[28]
  • Contemporary: Contemporary is Daniel's main style of dance.
  • Hip-hop: Hip-hop is not Daniel's strongest style. However, after some teaching from West, Daniel becomes more proficient in this genre.[28]


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Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

The Off Season: Season 1

Season 5


Group dances

Group dances

Group dances




  • He was close to becoming a lifeguard.[29]
  • If Daniel were a jam/jelly, he would be strawberry jam.[29]
  • His dream job is to become a world renowned choreographer.[29]
  • Daniel's favourite dance songs are "Call Me Maybe" and "I Won't Give Up."[29]
  • His favourite acro move is the log roll.[29]
  • Daniel can drive.[3]
  • Daniel's favourite food is green smoothies.[30]


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