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Davis is an acro dancer, formerly on A-Troupe, and now a member of Encore Dance Studios.[7]


Before the show

Davis learned how to dance and when dancing in the living room, inspired Jacquie to want to do the same.[4] They went to the same studio, but it did not go well; their teacher retired early and Jacquie moved to The Next Step.[2] Davis and her studio failed to qualify for Regionals.[5]

The Off Season: Season 2

Davis auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship alongside Jacquie and dances about 'connection'.[1]

Season 6

Davis comes to Leon Blackwood's workshop, surprising Jacquie. Davis is chosen by Leon to be one of the five who are featured performing hip-hop routine taught in the lesson. She is later chosen by Emily and Michelle to replace Amy in A-Troupe, making Jacquie angry.[2]

Jacquie and Davis perform a duet, both hoping that they will get along at The Next Step.[8]

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Davis is less competitive and driven than Jacquie, but is still a determined dancer. She also makes friends more easily than Jacquie, who is known for focusing only on dance.[4] Davis is also very kind, as shown by her willingness to not perform acro when battling Piper for a spot in the contemporary Regionals routine because Piper cannot.[5]

However, Davis can also be selfish. Davis believes that Jacquie should give up her spot in the Regionals hip-hop routine for her so that she would only be the alternate at Regionals. This belief is what drives Davis to audition for Encore because she believes that Jacquie did not want her there, but wants an alternate.[3]

Physical appearance


Davis has shoulder-length blonde hair, hazel eyes and light skin. Davis greatly resembles her sister, Jacquie, so much so that both a fellow auditionnee and Stacy Carpenter remark on their physical similarities.[9][4] This physical resemblance is so strong that people even refer to Davis as "Blonde Jacquie".[3]


Davis wears black leggings when she dances, along with a light grey or white striped tank top.



  • Acro: Acro is Davis's dominant style of dance.[2] However, her acro skills are not her strongest style when compared to the other acro dancers on A-Troupe, nor has she ever tumbled on the show.
  • Contemporary: Davis is proficient at contemporary. Jacquie has described it as her strongest style. Despite this, however, Davis is not selected for the contemporary routine at Regionals.[3]
  • Hip-hop: Davis is proficient at hip-hop. She is one of the five dancers to be selected to perform Leon Blackwood's hip-hop routine at the Absolute Dance WildStylz convention.[2]


  • French: Davis is proficient in French. She and Kenzie teach Kingston French and successfully enable him to improve in that language.[10]


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  1. In "One More Time," Henry reveals that he dated Jacquie from grade 6 to grade 9, meaning that Jacquie is at least 15 in Season 4. In "A New Regime", Henry subsequently reveals that it has been two years since their break-up, meaning that Jacquie (and Henry) are at least 16 in Season 5, if they broke up at the beginning of grade 9. In "Jacquie's Audition", it is revealed that Davis is older than Jacquie, but seeing as she becomes Amy's replacement on A-Troupe in "Sweet and Salty", Davis is at maximum 17 because she, unlike Noah who is 18, can compete in the Intermediate Advanced age division at Regionals. Since Jacquie has to be at least 16 in Season 5 and Season 6 is set three weeks after Season 5, Davis has to be 17.


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