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The Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV, is the test centre where James goes to take his driving test, and where Arthur works as a driving instructor.


James attends the DMV test centre in order to complete task #9 on Riley's list, which is to get a driver's license, as he is still on his learner's permit and Riley wants him to be able to take her on a proper date in a car as opposed to taking the bus.[1]

James consoles Arthur there, after finding out that the wedding has been cancelled.[2]

It is very likely that Emily, West, Daniel and Henry (characters who can drive) took their driving tests at the same DMV test centre.


The Department of Motor Vehicles is a large building which is not seen fully on-screen, and identified as such by a large sign on the wall that reads DMV TEST CENTRE; there is also another, smaller sign alongside, reading NO PARKING - RESERVED FOR END OF DRIVE TEST. It has a large tarmac yard outside, with yellow line and arrow markings, as well as red cones set out for driving exercises, which is the test area.


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