Sometimes dreams don't come true.

Chloe, to West

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"Do the Right Thing" is the 12th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 76th episode overall. It was first aired on March 30, 2015.


Chloe chooses between joining a ballet company and staying at The Next Step.


Chloe west season 3 dtrt

West confronts Chloe about La Ballet de la Reine.

Chloe dances alone in Studio A, still not knowing whether to keep her position at The Next Step or to tour with La Ballet de la Reine. While she dances, West enters and watches her dance. West believes that Chloe has outgrown The Next Step and wills her to make a decision.

Chloe is teaching Baby Ballet. While teaching, Margie tells a fellow dancer that she needs to let go of her stuffed tiger because if she holds onto something for too long, she will be unable to do her best, leaving Chloe inspired.

Thalia walks into Hidalgo's and sits across from Eldon, immediately making him nervous. Thalia asks Eldon if he wants to go to a concert with her and Eldon lies that he can’t because he doesn't like music when in reality, he still hasn't hit 30 pirouettes and can’t date her until he does. Thalia then asks him if he'd like to go to a baseball game and he lies that he is allergic to the leather on the baseball; if a home run was hit towards him he'd instinctively catch the ball and get an allergic reaction. Frustrated, Thalia asks Eldon why he is avoiding her and he says that he has to take care of some business before they can date.

Chloe enters Kate’s office to finish up some work and tries to build up the courage to tell Kate that she is leaving. Kate tells Chloe that she doesn't know what she'd do without her and that she knows she can count on her to always be there, making Chloe question her decision to leave.

Chloe tells West that she can’t leave The Next Step because it’s her family, but West assures her that being a professional ballet dancer is her dream. Tearfully, Chloe proclaims that sometimes dreams don’t come true, but West believes Chloe is wrong; her dream is coming true, but she just isn't taking it.

Margie season 3 dtrt 2

Margie has a staring contest with West.

Margie enters Hidalgo's and engages in a staring competition with West. Margie tells him that he needs to tell Chloe that she is making the wrong decision. The staring contest abruptly ends, but Margie tells him that she would have beaten him in a staring contest, as the longest she has gone not blinking is 6 hours.

Eldon approaches Thalia, annoying her, seeing as he was previously avoiding her. He apologizes, but tells her that he has 30 things he needs to take care of before they can date her, and assures her that James will explain everything. James explains that Eldon isn't mature enough to date until he can do 30 pirouettes, but Thalia doesn't think that she can wait that long. West approaches Chloe and tells her that she needs to take the spot in the ballet company because The Next Step helps people accomplish their dreams and if she doesn't go, the team has failed.

Eldon is practicing his pirouettes with West's assistance. After a series of them, Eldon collapses from fatigue and nausea after turning for so long. Thalia enters and is immediately concerned at the sight of Eldon lying on the floor. He quickly gets up despite still being nauseous, and West wards her off, as Eldon believes no woman should ever see a man in that state. Thalia approaches James about the scenario. James tells her that it is good that he is overdoing it; through overdoing it he is gaining the maturity he needs to become a whole person to compliment their future relationship.

Chloe season 3 episode 12

Chloe concludes her final dance at The Next Step.

Chloe is in Kate’s office, waiting for Kate. When Kate arrives, Chloe finally tells Kate that she got a role in The Nutcracker, and has decided to take the opportunity. Kate is sad, however, she is very proud of Chloe. Thalia re-enters the Music Room and consoles Eldon. Chloe dances in Studio A for the last time, during which Margie appears seemingly out of nowhere, knowing that Chloe has made the right decision. Chloe tearfully confesses that Margie has been like a guardian angel. At the end of the duet, Chloe sees Margie wave, curtsy and then disappear into thin air, surrounded by a cloud of colourful sparkles. Chloe questions whether Margie was real at all, but still says that everybody needs a little bit of Margie in their life.





  • Francesca van Keeken as Margie


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