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"Mmm—that's broccoli."

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I'm Emily. I walk away from people, people don't walk away from me.


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"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is the 13th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 13th episode overall. It aired on May 31, 2013.


Emily begins to suspect that Michelle is up to something behind her back.



(l-r) West, James, Riley and Daniel (back to camera) fear that Chloe will tell Emily of their routine.

Michelle, West, Riley, James, and Daniel are worried that Chloe will tell Emily about their routine. Michelle decides she will talk to her and tell her not to tell anyone. Michelle tells Chloe that she has to keep her secret because she is keeping hers, leaving Chloe torn. Just then, Stephanie and Tiffany enter and find it odd that the two are talking. The rest of the group enters, only causing Stephanie and Tiffany's suspicion to escalate. Chloe lies that the reason they are all there is that they were helping her. Kate tells them it is late and that they should head home although Tiffany and Stephanie are still suspicious.

Tiffany, Stephanie, and Emily are at Squeezed and alongside revealing that she now has an agent, Stephanie tells Emily about the people who were at the studio after hours. Emily is especially suspicious because Riley had said she was at a movie.

In Studio A, James asks Eldon how things are with Emily. He says that they are getting closer which West and James instantly laugh at, annoying Eldon. Emily enters the studio to talk to Riley about her whereabouts. Riley lies that she saw a movie with Michelle, and eventually, Emily ends the conversation, although she still doesn't believe her. Knowing Emily will question her, Riley tells Michelle all the fake information about the movie they "saw the previous night." Rehearsal begins. During the routine, West begins doing Michelle's routine because he forgets Emily's; Emily notices and gets mad at him. The secret group of dancers is put on edge at the realization. Although Emily drops the topic after West creates an excuse, she remains wary.

Michelle is in Squeezed. Emily sits with her and asks about the movie. Michelle leaves, knowing that Emily is on to her.

A-Troupe is rehearsing again when Eldon suggests they take a break. Before Emily can reply, the dancers disperse. Eldon approaches Emily and Emily acts uncharacteristically nice to him to find out about what is going on in the studio. At the end of their conversation, Eldon hugs Emily, upsetting Michelle. The E-Girls approach Emily about what happened between her and Eldon and after Chloe comments, Emily snaps at her. Fed up, Chloe leaves.

Michelle and Eldon are at Squeezed and Michelle asks him how things are going with Emily. She confesses she is worried he will get hurt and asks him how he knows things are going well. Eldon gets frustrated and leaves the juice bar as he wishes people would see that what they have is "real." In Studio B, the secret routine is under-way again when Chloe shows up. She tells them that she is joining.

Eldon season 1 episode 13

Eldon's music accidentally changes.

In Studio A, Emily asks Daniel to do his solo. He confesses that it has been hard to dance all out with his ankle injury. Emily notices that he is performing at a sub-par level and chastises him. Just then, Eldon enters the studio with a boombox playing romantic music (which stops working at one point, to be replaced by Alpine singing, requiring the boombox to be given some kicks and a shaking), as well as large handwritten cards. He holds up the cards one by one, which read (in order of appearance): "There is no one else in the world; that makes me feel the way you do" (it would appear Eldon couldn't get this onto one card, so had to spread it over two); "Whenever you are not around me it makes me feel blue; I will be there for you until the very end"; and finally, "Emily, will you be my girlfriend?" Embarrassed, Emily tells Eldon she will never be his girlfriend and savagely rips the last card he was holding in two! Eldon, heartbroken, leaves the studio.

Eldon is sitting alone in Studio B and feels like a dork for what he did. Michelle enters the room and sits with him. Michelle assures him that he isn't a dork and that she would melt if anybody did that for her. The rest of the group that wishes to overthrow Emily enters and Michelle tells him she has to show him something. At Squeezed, after hearing Stephanie and Tiffany talk about the incident, Emily feels as though she'd been too harsh to Eldon. The three suddenly notice that Chloe isn't present and Stephanie goes to look for her. Meanwhile, the group shows Eldon the dance. While they are dancing, Stephanie peeks inside and quickly leaves. The group reveals what the dance is for to Eldon and asks him if he is in, just as Stephanie reports what she saw to Emily.


Cultural references

  • The title refers to an Elton John and Kiki Dee song by the same name.




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