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"Don't Stop Me Now" is the 38th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 132nd episode. It aired on April 28, 2017.


"The Next Step competes in the sudden death trio round. Michelle pushes herself before the trio dance in order to be ready. Amanda struggles with the offer from Giselle."[1]


Dsmn riley asks the trio members how they feel

Riley asks Amy, Michelle, and Amanda how they feel.

SNR Network's coverage of Absolute Dance Regionals begins. Chuck Anderson and Tanisha Scott divulge information about the competition to the audience. The morning will be spent with dancers performing their quartets which, if they win, will get them automatically through to the semi-finals. The second half of the day consists of trios which teams must lose or else be cut from the competition. Four members of Gemini Dance Studio take the stage to perform their breakdance-ballet routine. As the members of The Next Step Dance Studio watch from the wings, Riley confesses that she put Skylar in charge of handling paperwork. Riley asks Michelle, Amy, and Amanda how they feel about the trio. Michelle lies that she feels confident, although she confesses that she neglected it in working so hard on the solo. The quartet ends and Gemini wins, moving on to the semi-finals. Michelle leaves to go mark through the routine and stumbles from dizziness. Michelle decides that it is a result of nerves and that she needs to practice that much harder.

Dance Extreme moves onto the semi-finals. Meanwhile, realizing that there is an issue with the team's paperwork, Skylar attempts to go through a set of locked doors to the main office. She is stopped by a security guard. When searching for Skylar's name on a clipboard, he finds Giselle's instead, as the files are not updated. Therefore, Skylar must get a signed document from Riley confirming her status as dance captain.

Dsmn amanda tells michelle about the tour

Amanda tells Michelle that in order to go on tour with Giselle she will have to leave before finals.

While Michelle is rehearsing, Amanda drops by to talk to Michelle about the tour. Michelle tells Amanda that she cannot go after finding out that she will have to leave before finals, as their team will not have enough dancers. Angry, Michelle tells Amanda to speak to Noah and resumes rehearsal.

SNR Network's coverage of the event resumes. Rhythm Plus performing their trio excellently. Riley tells Amy to get ready for the trio, asks Piper to get Michelle, and Cassie to get Amanda. Skylar runs to Riley and tells her to sign her document so that the trio can perform. Cassie finds Amanda in the lobby and tells her she has to get ready. Shortly after Noah finds Amanda, having been texted by her to meet her. Amanda tells Noah about the tour and her wariness to leave him and the competition before finals. Noah urges Amanda to seize the opportunity.

Piper tells Michelle that it is time to do her trio, but Michelle decides to rehearse a few more times. Piper is concerned at how extensively Michelle is pushing herself, but is dismissed by Michelle. Meanwhile, Skylar gives the signed document to the security guard, but is dismissed since the signature is on a napkin. Back on-stage, Amy, Amanda, and Michelle's competitors from The Dance Zone are performing. Riley reveals the clerical error to the present dancers, concerning them. Skylar angrily persuades the security guard to let her through the doors, and in the end he does.

Dsmn amanda, amy, and michelle commence their trio

Amanda, Amy, and Michelle commence their trio.

Although it is time for The Next Step to perform, and Amy, Amanda, and Michelle are back-stage in costume, they still cannot take the stage because Skylar has not replied to Riley. After her phone call to Skylar is overheard, the trio learns of the situation, angering them. Just then, Skylar arrives at the judges' table with the fixed paperwork, allowing The Next Step to finally dance. The routine goes well but, at a point in the routine, Michelle's vision begins to blur and her heart rate quickens. She faints just as the routine ends, and Amy and Amanda also fall beside her in an attempt to cover it up and make the audience think Michelle's collapse is part of the routine. While The Next Step wins the round, Michelle ends up lying in the wings and is not even able to stand.

Michelle is on a stretcher, while Riley is pacing back and forth. The paramedics tells Riley that Michelle fainted from exhaustion and dehydration, for which they will have to take her to the hospital for blood tests. Michelle apologizes to Riley as she is taken away in the elevator, with Riley left wondering what she will do.


  • Skylar was born in 1999.
  • The Next Step has qualified to the duet round.
  • With Michelle in the hospital, The Next Step only has nine dancers left.


Production errors

  • When the security guard deems Skylar a disrespectful millennial, Skylar attempts to counter this by telling him that she was born in 1999. Although, this does make her a millennial, as a millennial is any individual born after the early 80s. It is probable that she and the guard incorrectly deem millennials those born after 2000; ironically, some don't even consider those born after 2000 millennials, but members of Generation Z.
  • When Michelle is supposedly unconscious, she can be seen moving slightly and making noises.

Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Queen.






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