Let's have a round of applause for the happy couple; the happiest couple The Next Step has ever seen!

Emily, to the attendees at the party

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"Don't Stop the Party" [also known as "Don't Stop the Party (Part 1)"] is the 1st episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 31st episode overall. It premiered on March 7, 2014.


A-Troupe learns that the rules at Nationals are different and that their team may change.


A-Troupe is dances in Studio A, reminiscing over the past few months in the studio, celebrating their Regionals win, and thinking about Nationals.

Michelle buys drinks for herself and Eldon in Culture Shock. Eldon asks Michelle how they are going to tell everyone about their relationship. Since their relationship is still new, Michelle tells Eldon that they shouldn't tell anyone yet, which Eldon begrudgingly agrees to.

West Ben Daniel season 2 episode 1

West asks Daniel why he is talking about his ankle so much.

In Studio A, a party is being held in celebration of the studio's win. James and Riley have a conversation, during which Riley admits to him that she hasn't spoken to Emily since Regionals; Riley confesses that Emily has been very distant and that she thinks something is wrong. Elsewhere, Richelle greets Giselle, who doesn't even know her, as she believes that is always smart to talk to A-Troupers. At the concession stand, Beth begins to stare at James as she converses with Tiffany which Riley notices. Consequently, Riley asks James if he has ever noticed how much Beth looks at him, which shocks him to the point that he chokes on his drink. James tells Riley not to worry about it, although Riley confesses that Beth needs to get over James fast. Daniel enters the studio and James leaves Riley to greet him. James, West and an unnamed B-Trouper excitedly greet Daniel. Daniel rambles on about how well his ankle has healed to the three, irritating his peers. Daniel brings up the fact that only ten dancers of the current eleven dancers are required for Nationals and asks them who they think will be cut, leaving the boys in wonderment. Michelle and Eldon finally enter the party and, moments later, so does Emily. Emily confesses that wants to make everybody think that she is cool and collected, causing her to exaggeratedly greet all of those in attendance.

Chris kate season 2

Chris tries to speak to Kate.

Seeing how great Noah is at doing pirouettes, Giselle challenges him to a pirouette-off. Despite her confidence, Giselle loses, but claims that it is because she is in a dress and was going on easy on him. Chris tells Kate that he needs to talk to her, but is interrupted by Emily. Emily publicly announces that Eldon is dating Michelle now, not herself.

Riley approaches Emily in lieu of what happened between her and Eldon. Emily lies to her that she is fine, but Riley tells her that she is there for her nonetheless.

Beth approaches James and asks him if he thought about what she told him at Regionals, which is that she loves him, discomforting James. Riley watches the exchange from afar and begrudgingly confesses that James is a loyal boyfriend who she can trust. She swoops in and pulls James away, lying that she's hungry.

Chris tries to speak to Kate once again, but she interrupts him, wishing to deal with the current love triangle. She calls Michelle, Eldon, and Emily into her office and makes them promise to put their feud behind them.

Emily amanda season 2

Amanda talks about the team being able to change their members.

After the party, the team gets photographed with the Regionals trophy. While the team converses among themselves, Amanda enters the studio. Chloe and Emily ask her why she is there and Amanda says that came to audition, which the team finds laughable. Emily explains to her that they are not holding auditions, although Amanda claims that between Regionals and Nationals, a winning studio can change their dance team which is known as "the Challenge" or "the Winnowing" (which causes West to talk about the separation of wheat and chaff). This is proven to be true by Michelle. Emily tells Amanda that, regardless, she is not on their team. Amanda eventually leaves, but not before telling the team that they need her. Emily confesses that she actually would be open to the Challenge.

In Kate's office, Chris finally gets the opportunity to talk to Kate and tells her that he will be leaving the studio to become co-owner of Superstar Dance Academy. Kate is in shock, especially since her has been at the studio for so long, but is happy for him. In the studio, Emily approaches Michelle. Emily tells Michelle that she thinks they should do the Challenge, which Michelle eventually agrees to. After the conversation, Michelle asks Emily if they are cool, resulting in Emily replying with "as ice." Various dances proceed to confess their unease and excitement at the idea of the Challenge.


Cultural references

  • The title is a reference to a song of the same name by Pitbull.

Production errors

  • A cameraman can be seen during James and Riley's duet in the opening dance.




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