Dorothy is an elderly bingo player who attends a first aid course taught by Mr. Abernathy.


Before the show

Dorothy became bingo player and received the nickname "The Bingo Lady" from the people at the bingo.[1]

Season 2

Dorothy attends the first aid course where she becomes acquainted with James and becomes James' first aid partner. During a simulation in which she is supposed to be unconscious and revived by James, she breaks character, reaches up, and kisses James full of the mouth. Despite enjoying James as a partner, she is considerate when she learns of the true reason that he is at the course, and allows him to become Riley's partner.[1]


Dorothy is a chatty woman who has a passion for bingo. She is also caring, as she helps out James in his situation.

Physical appearance

Dorothy is of average height with light skin that is wrinkled from age, blue eyes, and short white-blonde hair.

During her short appearance on the show, Dorothy wears a turquoise collarless blouse and light brown trousers.



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Dorothy becomes acquainted with James during the course. While pretending to be unconscious for a class demonstration, she kisses James.[1]


Season 2


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