Everyone wants to be us and it's a great feeling.

Stephanie, "Get the Party Started"

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The E-Girls is a former elite, all-girls group in A-Troupe, seen in Season 1 until it's disbandment in "Changes." The title of the group is thought to be derived from the "e" sound at the latter of all of the group members' names (except for Giselle, resulting in her nickname "Ellie"), but is proven to be named after Emily,[1] as her name begins with an "E," a fact that is never discovered by the group's other members. The group is built upon countless rules, many of which remain unknown.




The E-Girls are introduced in "Don't Stop the Party" as an elite and loathed group in A-Troupe. It is unknown how the group started, but it was founded by its leader, Emily, two years prior to the events of Season 1. The group is not well-liked, especially by the boys, for their judgmental and self-entitled attitude, mostly portrayed by Emily. The group is built upon over 100 rules, 15 of which are revealed throughout the first season.

The E-Girls talk in the studio: (l-r) Emily (with her back to the camera), Tiffany (partly obscured by Emily), Riley, Stephanie, and Chloe.

When Michelle enters the studio, things seem to look bleak for the group.[1] Although Emily is immediately threatened and disliking of her, it is apparent that Michelle is a great dancer, female, and a member of the troupe, therefore making her eligible to be a member of E-Girls. Despite this, Emily continues to despise her and excludes her from the group.

The first member to leave the group is Giselle when it is revealed that she did not make the cut for A-Troupe. Since one of the rules is that all members of the clique must be in A-Troupe, Giselle ends up getting the boot.[2] The second to leave is Riley. From the beginning, Riley is shown to be the most morally-just and least pretentious of the group, only staying in the group so as to not cross her sister. After finally standing up to Emily, the other members of the team vote to kick her out of the group.[3]

Thirdly, Chloe (non-vocally) quits E-Girls, which is especially odd since she is the most soft-spoken of the E-Girls. This decision is made in light of Emily's constant rudeness and lack of understanding for her.[4] When she discovers that Michelle, James, Riley, Daniel, West, and Daniel are plotting against Emily, she is at first angered, but soon gives in to them and officially leaves E-Girls behind.[5]
E-girls season 1

The E-Girls converse in Squeezed, their "hangout."

Tiffany's being removed from the group is important, as it is the turning point at which Emily finally comes to terms with her nature. Tiffany votes against Emily and for Michelle as Dance Captain in "Sabotage" which is seen by Emily and Stephanie alike as a blatant act of betrayal. Tiffany is in shock when she is kicked out, as she one of Emily's closest friends, and claims that she was just doing what was best for the team. Although, she does confess that the group is over.[6]

The final two members of the group are Emily and Stephanie. It is established in "Changes" that E-Girls is officially no longer a group.


The E-Girl rules are serious. There's over a hundred rules that you have to follow and abide at all times.

Tiffany, "Everybody Dance Now"

Although there are over 100 E-Girls rules,[7] a few are revealed over the course of Season 1:

  • E-Girl Rule #1: An E-Girl always has another E-Girl's back.[8]
  • E-Girl Rule #2: An enemy of one E-Girl is an enemy of all E-Girls.[8]
  • E-Girl Rule #3: An E-Girl must know the handshake.[8]
  • E-Girl Rule #6: An E-Girl always lends a hand at the studio.[9]
  • E-Girl Rule #9: An E-Girl must wear proper dance-wear to the studio.[10]
  • E-Girl Rule #13: Always help another E-Girl in need.[11]
  • E-Girl Rule #15: When one E-Girl goes shopping, all of the E-Girls go shopping.[7]
  • E-Girl Rule #19: An E-Girl must do whatever she can to protect Emily.[12]
  • E-Girl Rule #39: Always report gossip.[13]
  • E-Girl Rule #44: An E-Girl always gets what she wants.[14]
  • E-Girl Rule #46: Never let anyone else in A-Troupe look too good.[15]
  • E-Girl Rule #71: An E-Girl cannot call somebody by name until they first address her by her name.[10]
  • E-Girl Rule (#unknown): An E-Girl has to be in A-Troupe.[8]

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