Elite Dance Academy (or simply Elite) is the former main rival and foil to The Next Step Dance Studio before its disbandment. Elite has since been shut down and is no longer a studio.[2]


Elite was a highly prestigious studio which won many competitions before the show. They won the 14th, 15th, and 16th annual Absolute Dance Regionals championships. Seeing as they are in the same region as The Next Step Dance Studio, Elite is the former studio's greatest competiton.

Much to the studio members' chagrin and disbelief, they end their three-year winning streak by losing the 17th annual Absolute Dance Regionals competition to The Next Step Dance Studio.[3]

Unable to deal with not having a chance at a national title, Elite Dance Academy takes advantage of a loophole in the Regionals guidelines, and wins a Regionals competition in another region, qualifying them for the 17th annual Absolute Dance Nationals competition.[4] Nonetheless, the studio is eliminated from the competition following Amanda's loss to Michelle in the solo round of the competition.[5]

Lucien secretly purchases The Next Step Dance Studio and convinces Kate to partake in a series of dance battles in the hopes of creating a new faction of Elite that will compete at Internationals. Although a few members of Elite become members of The Next Step, the plan ultimately backfires.

Eventually, Lucien shuts down Elite. Although Nick claims that such is actually done after Nationals,[2] those behind the show have claimed that such takes place after the failed dance battles.[Reference needed]


The members of Elite Dance Academy were notorious for their haughty and disagreeable nature, to the point that it even discussed between Chuck Anderson and Stacey Tookey while they spectate for the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals competition.[6]

The Studio

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Elite is a fancy space, complete with a movie projector and a piano. Unlike The Next Step Dance Studio, which is brightly-lit and welcoming, the studio at Elite — with its black walls and black curtains — is dark and intimidating.


There appeared to be a dress code at Elite, as all dancers dance in grey, black, and white. Their official uniforms consist of a white sweater with the studio name written in cursive on it, loose-fitted black pants, and black shoes.







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