Emily's necklace is a necklace that was given to Emily by her now deceased grandmother, and is the only thing that Emily has to remember her grandmother by.

The necklace is occasionally worn by Riley, and momentarily went missing in "Steal My Sunshine" while in Riley's custody. Emily remains unaware that it ever went missing.


At the beach, Michelle compliments Riley on the necklace that she is wearing. Riley explains that it is actually Emily's necklace, given to her by her grandmother who is now deceased. While playing Dance Frisbee later that day, Riley notices that the necklace is missing, inciting immediate anxiety in her. She, Michelle, James, West, Daniel, and Eldon search for it frantically, but eventually come up short. James asks a man on the beach with a metal detector if he can use the device to find the necklace, but the gentleman needs $100 in return because he just found gold. The dancers muster up enough money thanks to James's wallet and the money from beachgoers after they dance. The dancers provide the gentleman with the money and search the beach with the metal detector. Finally, the necklace is found.


The necklace is a silver chain with a silver four-leaf clover charm on it.


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