West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 1

The E-Girls are an elite group that I started when I got into A-Troupe two years ago.

— "Get the Party Started"

Everyone thinks that it's named the E-Girls because our names all end in 'E' sounds, but actually it's called the E-Girls 'cause my name starts with an 'E.' So they're the Emily Girls.

— "Get the Party Started"

Honestly, I've been in A-Troupe for so long now I know I'm going to be Dance Captain this season. It's not even a question.

— "Everybody Dance Now"

She's not that good, so I don't really get why she's here.

— "Everybody Dance Now"

I deserve it. I work hard. I pretty much am A-Troupe.


You deserve to be here and you don't deserve this.

— to Giselle, "Everybody Dance Now"

It wasn't your fault. It was Michelle's. Look at me, I promise I'm gonna get you back.

— to Giselle , "Everybody Dance Now"

Not now... and the answer will always be no.

— to Eldon , "Get the Party Started"

You better work really really hard.

— to Michelle, "Everybody Dance Now"

Just like there's rules in the studio, there's also... rules in E-Girls. And... to be in E-Girls, you have to be in A-Troupe, Giselle.

— to Giselle, "Everybody Dance Now"

Rules are rules. And I don't believe in the saying 'Rules are meant to be broken.'

— "Everybody Dance Now"

She's not an E-Girl. She's not even a... friend.

— "Everybody Dance Now"

If Michelle doesn't shape up, she'll be taking the boat right back to Wisconsin.

— "Everybody Dance Now"

If Michelle wants to battle me, bring it on!

— "Everybody Dance Now"

This isn't summer camp, Daniel.

— "Dance, Dance"

Miss Kate, always do what's best for my team.

— to Kate, "Rock and a Hard Place"

That jump could have been higher.

— to Stephanie about Michelle, "Rock and a Hard Place"

That was really, really, really good! For B-Troupe. [...] Your dancing was B-Troupe material.

— to the rest of A-Troupe , "Steal My Sunshine"

[I want you at] the beach.

— to Riley, "Steal My Sunshine"

I love working with kids. I love seeing their faces light up when they get a move, I love their energy... it's something I really enjoy.

— "Steal My Sunshine"

[Dance Camp was] amazing. You know, it was really nice doing something productive for the studio.

— to Michelle , "Steal My Sunshine"

It's not a democracy. It's an Emily-ocracy.

— "Good Girls Go Bad"

Well, you're pretty dim, so that name would suit you now, wouldn't it?

— to James, "Video Killed the Radio Star"

The snaps didn't get to me, you guys are making noises.

— to West and James , "Video Killed the Radio Star"

A strategic moo? That's not even a thing, James!

— "Video Killed the Radio Star"

I think you deserve to be in B-Troupe.

— to Chloe, "Can You Keep a Secret?"

I'm Emily. I walk away from people, people don't walk away from me.

— "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

What are you doing? Eldon, I will never be your girlfriend. This is the most embarrassing moment of my life.

— "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

I'm in shock, I mean... that's my sister. Does she honestly hate me that much? Does everybody hate me that much?

— "Sabotage"

I feel lost. Like I... like I could have done something more to prevent this. Like I could have been better, tried harder, done things differently I guess.

— "Sabotage"

I'm not a co-captain to anyone.

— to Michelle, "Changes"

I'm not marking these ridiculous moves.

— "Help"

Really? You made them up as a team? [...] 'Cause I don't recall giving any input. So I guess I'm not part of this team.

— "Help"

Why couldn't you stick to that choice? Why did you let them vote, Miss Kate?

— to Kate, "Help"

That's a little different. The whole team didn't vote against you.

— to Kate , "Help"

I can't do her dance. [...] I can't do the moves. I don't know how.

— to Eldon, "Help"

Do you ever wonder why I choreograph my dances the way I do? Look, I know they're not good, but, those are the only moves I can do.

— to Eldon , "Help"

I'm hugging Eldon because... because it just feels right.

— "Help"

My hands don't move like that.

— to Eldon , "Help"

He's funny, and he's smart, and he's kinda cute.

— "Help"

You know A-Troupe's a family, right?

— to Chloe, "Price Tag"

Season 2

Did you know that a triangle is one of the strongest shapes?

— Emily on The wall, An episode

I'm still me, I have my pride. I'm gonna move forward... it's just hard.

— "Don't Stop the Party"

Not the wrong time!

— "Don't Stop the Party"

No hard feeling between these gals.

— "Don't Stop the Party"

Let's have a round of applause for the happy couple; the happiest couple The Next Step has ever seen!

— about Michelle and Eldon, "Don't Stop the Party"

Guess. I really want you to try and guess.

— to Hunter, "I Hope I Get It"

He almost floats. The only problem with him is you can see the concentration in his face and that's something you really can't see with Eldon.

— "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"

Oh. I'm sorry. Are you the Dance Captain in A-Troupe? Mm, I didn't think so.

— "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"

Well, you know what? I guess there's nothing I can teach you then, is there?

— to Richelle, "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"

Hm, wanna know the first rule about being Dance Captain? [...] Don't stand so close to me.

— to Richelle, "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"

Me taking an interest in your life is like a lunar eclipse, it doesn't happen that often and it's kinda magical! So, why don't you just give it a try?

— to Michelle, "The Truth Comes Out"

Oh, is that a jump? Get it together. This is embarrassing, Riley...Riley!

— "Game On"

I start calling her out. I have to tell her that she's awful, that she can't dance and she's embarrassing and... pretty much things I would never say to my sister.

— "Game On"

You're gonna fall on the Nationals stage. You're gonna fall on the Nationals stage.

— to Riley , "Game On"

What am I doing? What are you doing? What is this? This is a mess!

— to Riley , "Game On"

You're gonna blame this disaster on me?

— to Riley , "Game On"

Sister? You're an embarrassment.

— to Riley , "Game On"

Help her? Maybe I should help you pay for your classes.

— to Chloe, "Game On"

It was only a matter of time before I realized that you guys just aren't worth it.

— to A-Troupe , "Game On"

You know what? Chris was better than you ever were.

— to Kate, "Game On"

I'm really surprised just how quickly all of them turned on me. I knew this was gonna be hard...I didn't think it was gonna be this hard.

— "Game On"

It all comes down to this.

— "Game On"

Clearly we are just at different place in our lives. It's not you... this one's really me.

Emily, to Hunter

Ooh, uh... sorry about that, but I don't have one.

— to the store worker, "Water It"

Actually, it's not. Your store policy is to give store credit when someone returns an item without a receipt.

— to the store worker, "Water It"

Season 3

I'm not dead yet.

— "Coming Home?"

That's it. It's over.

— "Secrets"

Oh, my goodness. I was actually looking for you. I have a few dreams I would like to destroy, and I was wondering if you could help me.

— to Stephanie, "Secrets"

Stephanie is about to make a huge mistake, but I’m not gonna let that happen.

— "I Hope I Get It"

Season 4

You know, I don't really think things are going well enough here for you to be sitting down, Riley.

— to Riley, "A Fool in Love"

Sister needs sister, right?

— to Riley, "A Fool in Love"

We need to talk about the qualifier duet.

— to Riley, "Karma Police"

This might be a really crazy idea, but I actually know a male dancer who could do that choreo.

— to Michelle and Riley, "Danger Zone"

Fun fact Riley. You do not kiss your dancer good luck, you just say it!

— to Riley, "Rivalry"

The Off Season

Regionals was a long time ago, it's in the past now, and we have to look towards the future. [...] Clean start for The Next Step.

— to Riley and Michelle, "Clean Start"

Season 5

I have thought long and hard for this and I know I have picked the right person, so congratulations to... Richelle!

— to the troupe, "Dance, Lies and Hoverboards"

She just has no consideration for anyone else but herself. It's just classic Michelle.

— about Michelle, "Leon Me"

Stop stringing your dancers along!

— to Michelle, "United and Divided"

This is not the end.

— "United and Divided"

When we work together, we can accomplish anything.

— "Pointe of No Return"

I want to tell you that I'm really proud to be co-studio heads with you, and I think we're gonna win Regionals, and go all the way.

— to Michelle, "Pointe of No Return"

This is my worst fear come true: I turned a blind eye to Richelle's injury and now she's paying the price. I can't believe this is happening.

— "Pointe of No Return"