I'LL be there

I'll Be There is the first episode of Season 8.


Noah questions Summer as co-dance captain. Thalia shuts down: her relationship with Eldon or AcroNation?


Noah is sitting in a new studio, Studio 2. Miss Kate was given the funding after The Next Step won Nationals to open a new studio and are heading to Internationals. A-Troupe dance in Studio A, AcroNation dance in Studio One, and B-Troupe share Studio 2 with J-Troupe. Winnie and Heathcliff come in and ask if they can use Studio 2, and Noah immediately leaves Studio 2. He entered Studio A. Summer is in there. She asks Noah if they need to change anything for Internationals. Noah is slightly annoyed with Summer constantly bothering him about dance captaincy. Noah yells at Summer that he has been to Internationals before and if they needed to do anything, she would know about it. He storms out.

Emily and Michelle are in Studio A with A-Troupe and Emily announces that Miss Kate has stepped down as Studio Owner. Each A-Troupe looks at one another, not knowing why she resigned. They welcome in the new studio owner, Emily's younger sister, Riley. Riley is extremely happy to have a second chance at being in charge, not messing up at Regionals this time. Michelle is given the first piece of post, and it contains that in the first round, after male and female solos, it will be a trio, but, the studio heads aren't allowed to pick dancers. Dancers have already been selected. Emily looks for Canada's name and Amy, Kingston and Piper are selected by the judges. Emily and Michelle are happy with the selection and they can win the first round and make it to the last 32.

Riley, Michelle and Emily are in Party Fowl, the new Thai Me Up. The three are catching up and Riley asks how the team made it to Nationals. Michelle replies with teamwork. Riley is impressed. She says they will have to work hard to keep co-studio heads. The two are extremely respective of their new boss.

Summer is in Studio A dancing to 'Home'. She doesn't know if The Next Step is her home anymore. Noah enters and sees Summer dancing. She reminds him of Stacy Carpenter herself, someone who accidentally became studio head in The Off Season: Season 4. After she stops dancing, she shoves past Noah and leaves. She doesn't have the time or effort to talk to Noah because he is mean and annoying. She never wants to see Noah's face ever again.