SEASON 8, episode 2: tornado


Thalia is ready to give AcroNation or Eldon her response: but who will she keep going on and who will she leave? Riley makes her sister and her best friend work 20 times harder. Is she a good studio owner?


Thalia and AcroNation are in Studio One rehearsing a performance for the 20th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals, and it's going really good according to Thalia. Thalia hasn't had enough time to juggle Eldon and AcroNation at the same time, so she has to cut one out of her life. Ty and Simone notice Thalia looking lost and try to get her attention but fail. Thalia walks out of the studio saying that the rehearsal is over.

Amy, Piper and Kingston are rehearsing a performance for Internationals with Michelle watching. Riley comes in and says that Michelle's choreography wouldn't win Qualifiers, let alone Internationals. Michelle takes in Riley's harsh rebuke but says that one person's approval doesn't mean a lot. Riley lies and says she likes it and Michelle says it means a lot. Riley shows Michelle that if she doesn't up the choreography, then she's fired. Riley walks out of the studio. Michelle says she has never seen Riley this mean before. Amy and Piper are in shock and Kingston just plain faints. Michelle gets the dancers back to work and makes the choreography 10 times better like Riley told her to. Emily thinks Riley's choreo is boring, while Michelle's was energetic.

Emily gets the second piece of International mail saying the studio head must perform a solo. Emily is shocked because even though it's been 6 years, she still hasn't healed her knee. Michelle has to do the studio head solo. She is a bit weary but can do it.

Thalia has made her decision: who? Find out in Episode 3: Solo.