season 8, episode 4: on top


In the search for a new studio head and owner, A-Troupe desperately try to get Miss Kate and Emily and Michelle back. Amy, Kingston and Piper prepare their Internationals duet.


A-Troupe are panicking in Studio A. Emily and Michelle resigned and Miss Riley was fired by Miss Kate. Now they have no studio head or studio owner. Giselle comes in saying she is the new studio head. A-Troupe are over the moon when they recieve this news. Giselle is ready to take The Next Step to their second Internationals glory.

AcroNation are working on a quintet vs. quintet. Thalia confirms this as a competition for the quintet at the 20th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals. Amy and Henry go in. They are dazzled at how good AcroNation is. They will probably win Regionals next year. Maybe even Nationals. But not Internationals. Summer sees them in the East Corridor and tells them to come back to Studio A as Giselle has a big announcement.

Amy asks Giselle what the 'big announcement' is and Giselle replies she has chosen a dance captain. Currently, Noah and Summer are co-dance captains but Giselle has chosen Amy for dance captain. Noah may have the most experience being at Internationals, dancing blindfolded and winning. But Amy shows hard work and resilience, something a dance captain needs the most. When the studio lost Regionals a few years ago, most dancers quit The Next Step. But not Amy. She kept going until TNS won Regionals and Nationals. Amy is very excited to be dance captain for Internationals. Summer gives Noah a stern look. She storms off saying it's Noah fault they lost dance captain. Noah knows he has to apologize to Summer badly.