season 8, episode 5: alien


Giselle gears The Next Step up for Internationals, while Noah tries to make it up to Summer.


Giselle recieves the third International mail, which contains the 2-7 person performance, where you have to dance with your legs taped together. Giselle deems this 'impossible' as you need to do acro. Giselle chooses dancers who are less able to do acro. Ozzy, Henry and Summer will perform this one. Ozzy starts performing some weird hip-hop moves, while Richelle knows he is trying to impress her. Ozzy, however, turns to Summer. Richelle is shocked as Ozzy has a crush on her not Summer. Ozzy knows trying to impress Summer will make Richelle jealous. Summer rejects Ozzy and shows him 'proper' dancing. She performs a Lyrical/Acro piece and Ozzy is blown away. Everyone except Henry leaves to practise on the trio.

In Party Fowl, Michelle, Riley and Giselle are chatting. Michelle filled Giselle on what happened with Riley, and Riley sits in silent anger. She can't say anything because Miss Kate is also there and she knows everything. Riley admits to Giselle what she did, and Giselle is shocked. Riley used to be such a loyal person. Riley confesses she got carried away from being the third studio owner ever at The Next Step. She had too much power. Riley apologizes to Michelle and apologizes to her older sister but Emily is nowhere to be seen. Michelle reveals that Emily, after Riley pushed her to the limit, she joined Gemini as studio head. Giselle, Kate and Riley are shocked Emily did that. Michelle is not shocked since Emily joined Elite, TNS' arch rivals when they prepared for Regionals. Riley knew there were going to be some consequences.

Amy, Piper and Kingston are in Studio A, having their last trio rehearsal. This year teams are not travelling to a specific spot, one studio will host. This year, France's Dance La Tour Academe is hosting in their studio. The trio is going good, but good doesn't win Internationals. Gemini set the bar so high last Internationals, and with The Next Step representing Canada for the second time, they need to beat Gemini's standards.