season 8, Episode 6: find you


It's the final day before Internationals and things go wrong when a key member quits A-Troupe. Noah considers his future with Summer.


Giselle is giving A-Troupe the choreography for the Internationals semi-finals. These are the line placements:

Back Row: Henry, Kingston, Piper

Middle Row: Richelle, Finn, Jacquie, Ozzy.

Front Row: Amy, Noah, Summer.

Everyone is happy with their line placements. Giselle is not a strict studio head. She always listens to dancers' worries or problems. After rehearsal, Summer says she can't take TNS anymore. She right away quits which leaves A-Troupe with only 10 dancers, Kenzie being the alternate. Giselle says TNS can't com\pete with only 9 dancers and 1 alternate. She is called off being an alternate. Noah knows he has to get Summer back into The Next Step.

Miss Kate is in Studio A with Giselle & A-Troupe, and announces that she has appointed a new Studio Owner, her daughter, Isabella. Isabella last year won Miss Nationals Soloist last year. Isabella is happy with taking over from her mother, instead of Riley. Isabella says she certainly isn't as strict as Riley is but she has one request: she co-studio heads with Giselle. Soon, Isabella and Giselle become co-studio heads and are prepared for Internationals.

Michelle is in Party Fowl, and is reminding herself why Emily joined Gemini. She has a flashback and sees that Riley had hurt her older sister and pushed her to the limit as well. Michelle stops the flashback and immeadiately knows this is Riley's fault. Riley then comes in and asks Michelle why she's in Party Fowl as she is no longer a part of The Next Step. Michelle tells Riley she isn't either. At least she had the guts to win Regionals and Nationals, something she could never do. Riley and Michelle lose their friendship in the competitive conversation and Riley wins the conversation. Michelle leaves in defeat.