This is a list of episodes from The Next Step.


Episodes Originally aired
First half Second half
1 30 March 8, 2013 to June 7, 2013 September 20, 2013 to January 3, 2014
2 34 March 7, 2014 to June 6, 2014 September 12, 2014 to March 13, 2015
3 30 March 16, 2015 to April 2, 2015 September 11, 2015 to December 11, 2015
4 40 February 15, 2016 to June 24, 2016 October 14, 2016 to May 12, 2017
5 20 May 26, 2017 to August 11, 2017 October 13, 2017 to December 13, 2017
6 26 July 16, 2018 to September 10, 2018 September 17, 2018 to November 28, 2018

Season 1

Season 1.0

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Get the party started official image
"Get the Party Started" March 8, 2013
The Next Step Dance Studio is holding auditions for the A-Troupe, and a new girl named Michelle arrives.
Giselle hugging a floor
"Everybody Dance Now" March 12, 2013
The members of A-Troupe are chosen and one of the best dancers doesn't make the cut. Emily isn't happy about the choice.
Deborah james chris season 1
"Dance, Dance" March 13, 2013
The A-Troupe is split into two teams to test the leadership skills of Emily and Michelle.
Daniel michelle riley west season 1
"Rock and a Hard Place" March 29, 2013
Kate asks Emily to hold dance evaluations for placements in the group dance.
Steal my sunshine 1
"Steal My Sunshine" April 5, 2013
Some of the dancers go to the beach while Emily and the E-Girls run the studio’s Dance Camp.
Good girls go bad 1
"Good Girls Go Bad" April 12, 2013
Emily convinces some of the A-Troupe dancers to spy on their main competition.
Love story
"Love Story" April 19, 2013
Emily agrees to go on a date with Eldon to heal his broken spirit.
West and Stephanie
"Just the Two of Us" April 26, 2013
Eldon struggles to choose between Emily and Michelle as his partner for his performance.
Video killed the radio star
"Video Killed the Radio Star" May 3, 2013
A-Troupe is selected to perform in a music video for the band Brighter Brightest.
Road to joy
"Road to Joy" May 10, 2013
To spend more time with Riley, James accompanies her to pick up costumes. Meanwhile, Stephanie has a photo shoot in Studio A.
Michelle Chloe season 1 episode 11
"Can You Keep a Secret?" May 17, 2015
Michelle learns the truth about Chloe’s financial situation.
Get it together
"Get It Together" May 24, 2013
Michelle secretly choreographs a new routine for Regionals.
Riley emily season 1 episode 13
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" May 31, 2013
Emily begins to suspect that Michelle is up to something behind her back.
Emily stephanie sabotage season 1
"Sabotage" June 7, 2013
Kate learns that Michelle has choreographed a different routine for Regionals.

Season 1.5

No. in Series Images Title Airdate
Emily michelle season 1 2
"Changes" September 20, 2013
Emily and Stephanie struggle with Michelle as the new Dance Captain.
EMILY eldon season 1 h
"Help" September 27, 2013
Everyone in A-Troupe auditions for row placements.
Michelle stephanie season 1
"Forget You" October 4, 2013
Emily struggles with what to do next after being put in the back row by Michelle.
Brand new tns
"Brand New" October 11, 2013
A-Troupe decides to hold auditions for two new dancers to replace Emily and Stephanie.
First date 2
"First Date" October 18, 2013
With a new A-Troupe assembled, the dancers decide to change the Regionals routine.
We are family
"We Are Family" October 25, 2013
Riley tries to make her relationship with Emily as sisters work out.
Break stuff giselle daniel
"Break Stuff" November 1, 2013
Giselle wants to make her mark in A-Troupe by performing a dangerous lift.
Persuade emily
"Come Back... Be Here" November 8, 2013
With Daniel leaving A-Troupe, Michelle and the team try and get Emily to come back.
Dancing in the street
"Dancing in the Street" November 15, 2013
When A-Troupe gets themselves into a dance battle with the street crew, Seeds, the team finds out that West was a former member.
Price tag
"Price Tag" November 22, 2013
Chloe’s financial problems finally boil over and she is forced to leave A-Troupe.
Emily michelle west giselle
"Bad Moon Rising" November 29, 2013
Kate and Chris hold a party at The Next Step Dance Studio for the team to hang out not as dancers, but as friends.
"Can't Fight This Feeling" December 6, 2013
The wrong costumes are delivered for Regionals and everyone is worried.
I'm so excited
"I'm So Excited" December 13, 2013
A-Troupe heads to Regionals.
Fancy footwork
"Fancy Footwork" December 20, 2013
The Next Step studio hits the stage for the first time in their bid to win Regionals.
This is how we do it
"This is How We Do It" December 27, 2013
The Next Step studio must face Seeds in the semi-finals round of Regionals.
Winner takes all kate chris
"Winner Takes All" January 3, 2014
The Next Step studio battles the Elite Dance Academy as the final two groups at Regionals.

Season 2

Season 2.0

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Kate Emily season 2 episode 1
"Don't Stop the Party" March 7, 2014
The A-Troupe learns that the rules at Nationals are different and their team may change.
West james season 2 episode 2
"My Boyfriend's Back" March 7, 2014
A-Troupe meets their new choreographer Phoebe, and votes for open auditions for the Nationals team.
Emily kate phoebe michelle official final
"Ready to Start" March 7, 2014
The first round of auditions for the Nationals team take place.
The final cut
"The Final Cut" March 14, 2014
The Nationals team is chosen with devastating results for some A-Troupers.
Eldon hunter season 2
"The Girl Is Mine" March 14, 2014
Hunter challenges Eldon to a secret dance battle.
Work it
"Work It" March 21, 2014
With new members in place, A-Troupe fund-raises to buy designer uniforms.
"It Takes Two" March 28, 2014
Solos and duets competitors are chosen for Nationals, where each round is an elimination.
"What'll I Do" April 4, 2014
Auditions for the small group dance are held amid personal betrayals and misunderstandings. James apologizes to Riley but she cannot bring herself to forgive him.
Michelle Emily Eldon season 2 episode 9 promo
"Never Enough" April 11, 2014
James and Riley struggle with their duet. Michelle confronts Eldon.
I hope i get it 2
"I Hope I Get It" April 18, 2014
Emily asks Hunter to help her with J-Troupe auditions to make Michelle jealous.
Kate daniel season 2
"Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" April 25, 2014
Michelle and Amanda promote the studio at their school while the others mentor J-Troupe.
Emily riley time to move on season 2
"Time to Move On" May 2, 2014
Riley struggles to move on from James while still working on their duet.
Giselle amanda season 2
"The Truth Comes Out" May 9, 2014
Amanda shows Michelle the video of the dance battle.
Giselle West season 2 episode 14
"Sing" May 16, 2014
Michelle and Chloe hold a scholarship fundraiser for young dancers.
"You're the One That I Want" May 23, 2014
James and Eldon do some male bonding while Hunter and Michelle go out on a date.
"Hazy Shade of Winter" May 30, 2014
AmandaGiselle, and Thalia practice their trio.
Riley emily season 2 go 2
"Game On" June 6, 2014
The pressure is on for Nationals when a key member leaves the troupe.

Season 2.5

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Season 2 James and Riley
"Make a Plan to Love Me" September 12, 2014
To win Riley back, James suggests she create a list of tasks to complete to prove his dedication.
Sacrifice official images
"Sacrifice" September 19, 2014
Gabi is jealous of Becca and challenges her to a dance-off. Meanwhile, Hunter tries to become friends with the rest of the boys.
Anything you can do i can do better
"Heartbreaker" September 26, 2014
Eldon challenges Hunter to win back the Nationals solo.
Giselle kate amanda season 2
"Hello Trouble" October 3, 2014
ThaliaGiselle, and Amanda represent The Next Step at a trio competition.
Riley dancer kate season 2 l promo
"Lost" October 10, 2014
James turns to the boys for help to solve a riddle for Riley, and the costumes for Nationals go missing.
Irish dancers
"Better Than This" October 17, 2014
James gets his driver's license for Riley's list.
Margie chloe season 2
"Under Pressure" October 24, 2014
Emily tries to expose Amanda but gets caught in her own trap, while James and Riley attend CPR class.
Michelle james season 2
"Just Dance" November 7, 2014
The real Amanda is exposed. Meanwhile, James tries to persuade a dancer to return to the studio.
James riley season 2 8
"Water It" November 14, 2014
Officially back together, Riley and James search for the spark they used to have together.
West hunter james eldon dance
"Run This Town" November 21, 2014
Luther Brown assists the guys with some choreography. Meanwhile, Eldon receives dating tips from James.
A-troupe season 2 episode 28
"Re-Match" November 28, 2014
The team encounters skilled competitors when they arrive at Nationals. A scavenger hunt is held, and those who complete it get to attend a party with Shawn Desman.
Eldon daniel old friends
"Old Friends" December 5, 2014
Eldon faces an old friend in his solo round at Nationals.
Riley james whirlwind
"I Don't Know" December 12, 2014
A decision about choreography weighs on James as small groups and duets compete at Nationals.
What you waiting for official
"What You Waiting For?" December 19, 2014
Michelle can't leave the mall due to shoplifting allegations, jeopardizing her chances at winning against Amanda in the female solo round.
Cdc you love me
"You Love Me" December 26, 2014
The semi-finals at Nationals end in injury, endangering The Next Step's chances at being able to perform in the finals.
Riley michelle season 2 episode 33 promo
"Danger Zone" March 13, 2015
The team awaits a verdict as to whether Emily can dance or whether the team has to forfeit. Awards are handed out for the top three dancers in each of the categories danced so far. An unexpected supporter of The Next Step offers to help.
Nationals rewind
"Rewind" January 2, 2015
The team awaits a verdict as to whether Emily can dance or whether the team has to forfeit.

Season 3

Season 3.0

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Emily and richelle
"Coming Home?" March 16, 2015
With The Next Step having been bought, the dancers are faced with the possibility of not being unable to dance at Internationals.
Tess shantel amanda michelle
"Game, Set, and Match" March 16, 2015
As a final resort, A-Troupe must compete against Elite Dance Academy, and even each other, for a spot on the Internationals team.
Emily riley season 3 secrets
"Secrets" March 17, 2015
Emily receives news about her injury from the doctor.
Richelle season 3 episode 4
"Let the Games Begin" March 18, 2015
Dancers from The Next Step and Elite vie for the first six spots on A-Troupe.
"The Fallout" March 19, 2015
Riley and James must compete against each other for a spot on the Internationals team.
"The Times They Are A Changin'" March 20, 2015
Dancers from The Next Step and Elite vie for the final spots on A-Troupe.
Noah Cierra season 3 episode 7 promo
"Your New Beginning" March 23, 2015
New Elite members are having a hard time adjusting; James plans a surprise for Riley.
I'm Your Captain
"I'm Your Captain" March 24, 2015
The Next Step needs to declare a Dance Captain as Internationals approach.
Next-step-s3-vote7 hero
"The Nutcracker Prince" March 25, 2015
Eldon challenges West to audition for a ballet company.
Eldon thalia can't fight this feeling
"Can't Fight This Feeling" March 26, 2015
Thalia tries to figure out if Michelle and Eldon still have feelings for each other.
Riley kathy marry me season 3
"Marry Me" March 27, 2015
James and Riley scramble to save Kathy's wedding.
Chloe west do the right thing
"Do the Right Thing" March 30, 2015
Chloe chooses between joining a ballet company and staying at The Next Step.
Kathy riley put you frist season 3
"Put You First" March 31, 2015
James and Riley have trouble finding anniversary presents for one another. Meanwhile, Giselle and Thalia are hesitant about performing in a trio with Amanda; and Noah's special skills are put to the test.
Stephanie eldon noah season 3
"I Hope I Get It" April 1, 2015
Cierra tries to help her sister get onto the International team. Meanwhile, Emily offers Stephanie her support; and Michelle contemplates returning to Madison with her mom.
The new girl in town riley ella seaosn 3
"The New Girl in Town" April 2, 2015
A dancer from England arrives and joins the Next Step, and Riley must mentor her. Meanwhile, Amanda attempts to get out of going to Sweden.

Season 3.5

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Season 3 8
"Sweet Spot" September 11, 2015
James is preoccupied with his band and can't devote time to his duet with Riley for Internationals, so Ella helps her let loose. Meanwhile, Eldon and Thalia try to uncover the studio's sweet spots.
Square Dance CBBC promo
"Square Dance" September 11, 2015
Riley and Ella trick the team into learning how to square dance.
James ella riley season 3 mixed messages
"Mixed Messages" September 18, 2015
Ella has Riley and James take a closer look at their relationship. Elsewhere, Thalia and Eldon devise clandestine ways of communicating.
Jiley season 3
"Never There" September 25, 2015
Michelle is struggling with her parents's divorce and this affects the team. Meanwhile, James and Riley try to see things from one another's perspective; and Ella tries to convince Noah that A-Troupe is the right place for him.
Ella Eldon season 3 episode 20
"Today I'm Getting Over You" October 9, 2015
A-Troupe pairs up with B-Troupe to do duets.
Cry me a river the enxt step official
"Cry Me a River" October 2, 2015
Eldon is to compete for the Internationals male solo title, but Noah wants to have a shot and show Eldon that he is just as good as he is.
Ella riley season 3 it's my party
"It's My Party" October 16, 2015
The Next Step welcomes Amanda back from Sweden. Riley and Ella play one last prank on James before Ella returns to England. West and Giselle try to help Eldon and Thalia with their budding romance. Meanwhile, Noah tries to find the courage to ask Abi to dance at the Internationals party.
Giselle West Amanda Stephanie season 3 episode 23
"Welcome to Miami" October 23, 2015
The Next Step arrives in Miami, ready for Absolute Dance Internationals. Riley has to work as a waitress in a Cuban restaurant after she is unable to pay for a meal. West shows some of the more quirkier attractions Miami has to offer.
Lost at Sea
"Lost at Sea" October 30, 2015
Kate and Giselle arrive to register for Internationals, but James has still not signed his form. Unfortunately, James is stuck in the middle of the alligator-filled Everglades with West and Eldon.
When the war is over
"When the War Is Over" November 6, 2015
On the day of the male and female solo round, Eldon struggles with the loss of his lucky coin and Riley's friendship with Ella is tested when they have to compete against each other.
Wodjan a-troupe
"We Are the World" November 13, 2015
With the small group round fast approaching, Michelle, Giselle, Riley, and Cierra are angry to see that Stephanie isn't putting in as much effort as she should be into practicing. Meanwhile, Thalia must compete with four dancers from different countries in the first round of Internationals, and Eldon begins to suspect that her Polish teammate cares about more than just dance.
James riley season 3 blin
"Blind" November 20, 2015
The dancers find out that in the second round of Internationals, the dance they had prepared will have to be performed blindfolded. As they struggle to make it work, it becomes apparent that they need to change which dancers perform.
The next step turn
"Turn, Turn, Turn" November 27, 2015
Eldon competes in a turning competition to determine how much time his team will have to reconstruct their quarter-finals routine to completely new music. 
She's not you official image
"She's Not You" December 4, 2015
The Next Step's chances at competing in the semi-finals against Summerford School of Dance are jeopardized when a dancer gets food poisoning. 
James riley season 3 how it ends
"How It Ends" December 11, 2015
The Next Step battles against Stockholm Dance Theatre in the final round of Internationals

Season 4

Season 4.0

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Season 4 episode 1 dance
"One More Time" Febuary 15, 2016
After winning Internationals, The Next Step holds an open house for the influx of new dancers. Having won it all, some A-Troupe alumni wonder if A-Troupe is still their home.
Kate piper james season 4 episode 2 promo
"Stir It Up" February 19, 2016
A-Troupe auditions begin amidst big decisions for two key dancers. In an attempt to prevent future arguments, Skylar and Cierra make a pact.
Skylar noah tyler henry jake season 4 hwr
"Heads Will Roll" February 26, 2016
In the second round of auditions, a guest choreographer challenges the auditioners with an unorthodox method of teaching. 
Riley season 4 wttj promo
"Welcome to the Jungle" March 4, 2016
The new A-Troupe is uncovered. Hoping to relieve the nerves of her fellow freshman, Piper decides to form a club. When Riley is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, she must make a difficult decision.
Skylar noah cassie sloane alfie piper season 4
"Square One" March 11, 2016
Riley holds auditions for the Regionals trio qualifier. Sloane struggles with her lack of technical skill, and Michelle and Amanda are discouraged by Richelle's expertise.
West James season 4 episode 6 promo
"London Calling" March 18, 2016
West receives a mysterious package from London, England, which leads to a big surprise for the bros. Noah and Amanda collaborate on a song.
James Riley wtw promo
"Walk This Way" March 25, 2016
Amanda finds herself uncharacteristically nervous around Noah. Meanwhile, Riley is wary of James going to England.
Riley alfie season 4 episode 8 promo
"Runaway" April 1, 2016
Riley learns that Alfie is hiding a big secret, and his future at The Next Step is in jeopardy. James, West, and Eldon arrive in London, England for the Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza.
Alfie michelle season 4 episode 9 promo
"Dancing with Myself" April 8, 2016
Noah's rehearsal prompts a discussion about which trio should be showcased to represent The Next Step. Meanwhile, Michelle wants Alfie to help her bolster her concentration skills on the dance floor; and Sloane gets pranked by Amy and Cassie.
Richelle Amanda Alfie Riley Michelle season 4 episode 10 promo
"Simple Twist of Fate" April 15, 2016
As A-Troupe dances at the Qualifier, Amanda struggles to find the right time to share her feelings for Noah, while Noah continues to hide his back injury.
Patricia skylar sloane season 4 episode 11 promo
"On the Rocks" April 22, 2016
After the studio's defeat at the qualifier, Riley reconsiders her position as studio head. Noah and Amanda grow closer, but his back injury might get in the way.
Kmky promotional image
"Knowing Me, Knowing You" April 29, 2016
Amanda tries to figure out Noah's true feelings for her. LaTroy and Sloane get into a fight after he receives an invitation he can't refuse.
Piper michelle season 4 episode 13 promo
"The Game Belongs to Me" May 6, 2016
"Michelle's competitive side is on full display when she's pitted against Piper to compete at the qualifier. LaTroy seeks out Amy's help to be the best dancer he can be."
Alfie riley season 4 episode 14 promo
"I Can't Go for That" May 13, 2016
"Riley gets invited to an exclusive gala, and has to decide who to invite as her date. Skylar struggles to find her place on A-Troupe."
Amy LaTroy season 4 episode 15
"I Only Have Eyes for You" May 20, 2016
Amy makes LaTroy a proposition, but things get complicated when Sloane discovers new feelings. West and Eldon have an adventure in London.
Riley Michelle. Love Will Tears Us Apart
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" May 27, 2016
Michelle and Riley have a lunch date and take a walk down memory lane. Noah, afraid of losing his spot on A-Troupe, continues to hide his back troubles.
Riley alfie season 4 nfm promo
"Nobody's Fault but Mine" June 3, 2016
A new twist in the qualifier rules means A-Troupe could lose a dancer, and Riley considers pulling team from competition.
Riley your time is gonna come promo
"Your Time Is Gonna Come" June 10, 2016
James, Eldon, and West compete in the first round of the Bangers & Mashups Hip-Hop Extravaganza in London.
Sloane latroy season 4 hdiyl promo
"How Deep Is Your Love" June 17, 2016
Alfie considers Noah's health problems and surprises Riley with a plan for the qualifiers. Meanwhile, Amanda and Noah open up to one another; and LaTroy makes an unexpected decision in the wake of receiving news from his dad.
A-troupe season 4 episode 20
"Heat of the Moment" June 24, 2016
When Noah receives a devastating diagnosis, auditions for the qualifier duet become more important than ever.

Season 4.5

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Alfie Riley season 4 episode 21 promo
"Kiss and Tell" October 14, 2016
Piper struggles to keep to herself that she saw Riley and Alfie kiss.
West Eldon James season 4 episode 22 promo
"Rumour Has It" October 21, 2016
Piper gives Riley an ultimatum to tell James about her kiss with Alfie.
Cooper riley alfie piper season 4 episode 23 promo
"Here Comes Your Man" October 28, 2016
Amanda's cousin Cooper shows up to visit and notices the tension between Riley and Piper.
Alfie james season 4 episode 24 the other man promo
"Tainted Love" November 4, 2016
West and Eldon battle at the Bangers and Mash Ups competition in London. Noah and Amanda struggle with the next step in their relationship.
Riley alfie season 4 afil promo
"A Fool in Love" November 11, 2016
Amy tries to help LaTroy deal with being alone at the farm. Cassie helps Skylar deal with her fear of talking to strangers. Riley asks James for some space to sort out her feelings for Alfie.
Emily riley season 4
"Karma Police" November 25, 2016
Emily shows up to help Riley get The Next Step to Regionals. Emily tries to get to the bottom of the problem with the Qualifier duet.
Riley emily season 4 episode 27 promo
"Only You" November 25, 2016
Sloane helps Jude from Lost & Found with his music video. Emily and Riley choose a Dance Captain. Noah struggles with being reassigned the Qualifier duet.
Michelle season 4 dz promo
"Danger Zone" December 2, 2016
Riley asks James for an impossible favour for the studio. Skylar helps the zero percenters deal with their nerves. James and Alfie have a heated conversation.
Alfie riley season 4 r promo
"Rivalry" December 9, 2016
James and Alfie represent The Next Step at the final Qualifier. Skylar has to step in to help when the situation is at a crossroads.
Michelle richelle season 4 np promo
"Nobody's Perfect" December 16, 2016
Riley and Alfie have their first date and it does not go well. Noah takes a big step in his relationship with Amanda.
Noah skylar shake it off promo
"Shake It Off" March 17, 2017
Amy helps Cassie with a history project. Riley makes a mistake with Alfie and tries to make it up to him. Skylar helps Noah get competition ready.
A-troupe come together dance promo
"Come Together" November 17, 2016
Riley helps the team get ready for competition by doing anti-bullying exercises. Everyone learns the different types of bullying behavior and how to deal with it.
Latroy amy it aint easy
"It Ain't Easy" March 24, 2017
James meets up with an old friend in London. Riley is confused by her feelings towards Alfie. LaTroy returns from time with his father and turns to Sloane to sort out his feelings.
Eldon west james season 4 bal promo
"Bold As Love" March 31, 2017
Eldon, West and James compete in the finals at the Bangers and Mashups International Hip Hip Competition.
Riley taking care of business promo
"Taking Care of Business" April 7, 2017
James and Riley return to the studio, only to discover that a team member has left. West and Eldon help the small group with their choreography.
Sloane latroy season 4 teog promo
"The Edge of Glory" April 14, 2017
The team prepares to leave for Regionals. Cassie is made the alternate dancer. Giselle drops by on a break from her tour and gives Amanda a special invitation.
Amanda noah riley michelle even better than the real thing promo
"Even Better Than the Real Thing" April 21, 2017
The team competes in the first round at Regionals. Due to a misreading of the rules, the solo round is not what they expected. The result is devastating.
Amanda amy season 4 dsmn promo
"Don't Stop Me Now" April 28, 2017
The Next Step competes in the sudden death trio round. Michelle pushes herself before the trio dance in order to be ready. Amanda struggles with the offer from Giselle.
Richelle noah season 4 lp promo
"Livin' on a Prayer" May 5, 2017
The team compete in the duet round of Regionals. However, with Sloane disqualified and Michelle injured, the Next Step doesn't have enough dancers to dance in the final—if they make it there.
Latroy sloane season 4 acigc promo
"A Change Is Gonna Come" May 12, 2017
Now that Alfie is back, the team is able to compete in the Regionals final. But when Michelle shows up ready to dance, Riley has to make a heartbreaking decision.

Season 5

Season 5.0

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Skylar zara tyler piper henry amy lola season 5 tnr promo
"The New Regime" May 26, 2017
Some of last year's A-Troupe, and some new hopefuls, show up for auditions only to find that The Next Step has a sleek new look.
Emily season 5 promo
"Go West, Young Michelle" June 2, 2017
Michelle makes a surprising announcement that tears the studio in two, and as Emily puts her new A-Troupe to work, dancers struggle to adapt to her new strict philosophy.
Piper amy season 5 dlah
"Dance, Lies and Hoverboards" June 9, 2017
An unpolished new dancer at TNS West might not have what it takes to be part of the team.
Jacquie noah henry season 5 lm promo
"Leon Me" June 16, 2017
Emily has hired a guest choreographer, Leon Blackwood, to teach a Hip-hop class for TNS East, but when TNS West shows up too, Michelle and Emily go head-to-head.
Latroy briana kingston ozzy jade amy henry 5.05
"It's All Fun and Games..." June 23, 2017
Amy's lies catch up with her, Noah searches for an excuse to back out of a duet with Richelle, and Ozzy shows his teammates who's boss.
Amy piper daniel emily season 5 ngd promo
"No Good Deed" July 7, 2017
Amy takes another shot at getting onto A-Troupe, while a love triangle threatens to destroy The Next Step from within.
Heather s5
"Heathers" July 14, 2017
Piper discovers a new dancer to bring to TNS West, while Zara tries to juggle her commitments at TNS East. Noah and Jacquie struggle to get on the same page romantically.
Michelle henry john riley theo thalia heather season 5 thpp promo
"12 Hour Party People" July 21, 2017
TNS West throws a Dance-A-Thon to try and recruit a new member. Noah and Jacquie disagree on who their enemies are. Lola tries to get Richelle to lighten up.
Ozzy henry elliot michelle season 5 atote promo
"A Tale of Two Eldons" July 28, 2017
TNS West gets their tenth and final dancer. Unbeknownst to Emily and Michelle, Eldon agrees to choreograph for both studios. Jacquie and Lola battle over a solo.
Elliot piper three kingston henry united and divided
"United and Divided" August 11, 2017
Piper struggles to get along with her duet partner. Noah's loyalty to TNS East is tested. Henry must decide if he's ready to move on from an old heartache.

Season 5.5

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Henry piper ozzy heather noah season 5 emw
"East Meets West" October 13, 2017
TNS East and TNS West face off to see which troupe will get to represent The Next Step at Regionals.
Kingston elliot ozzy heather bnw promo
"Brave New World" October 20, 2017
Kingston and Ozzy discover that Elliot has a secret; LaTroy is given the chance of a lifetime; Noah and Jacquie's relationship is tested.
Josh jade tyler noah michelle richelle three ozzy emily jacquie amy season 5 tcw
"TNS: Civil War" October 27, 2017
Miss Kate makes a shocking decision that will affect the future of TNS East and TNS West; Noah and Jacquie take their relationship to the next level.
Kingston lola season 5 stofa
"Stand Together or Fall Apart" November 3, 2017
Piper and Amy rally the troupes. Jacquie gets an enticing offer from a familiar foe. Josh finds out his time at the studio may be over. Kingston asks for Lola's help to take his dance to the next level.
"This Changes Everything" November 8, 2017
Piper and Amy's secret plan is put into action, as the dancers rally to unite the studios under one banner. Amy's future at the studio is threatened when her mother makes a difficult demand. Emily and Michelle are forced to face their shortcomings.
Promo pic season 5 1
"Stand and Deliver" November 15, 2017
A new dance captain is named. Amy and her mother struggle to find common ground. Heather is forced to choose between being responsible and having fun.
Richelle season 5 episode 17 promo
"Oh Brother! Why Art Thou Here?" November 22, 2017
Josh's brother pays him an unexpected visit at the studio. Zara is forced to choose between her passions. Heather and Piper take their hip hop to the next level.
Image (3)
"I Have a Vision" November 29, 2017
With the deadline for the Regionals qualifier video looming, The Next Step scrambles to perfect their routine in time.
Image (2)
"Snap Decision" December 6, 2017
Lola strives to stop Richelle from making a huge mistake. Noah and Jacquie struggle in their new roles on A-Troupe. Ozzy missteps when the team is counting on him most.
Image emily
"Pointe of No Return" December 13, 2017
The Next Step's hope of going to Regionals hinges on today. Richelle makes a horrifying discovery. Piper tries to work up the courage to ask out her crush.

Season 6

Season 6.0

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Jacquie TNS
"Grave New World" September 29, 2018
As the new strict studio head of the Next Step is revealed, so is the fate of Michelle and Emily.
"Wink It Out" September 29, 2018
To help Piper, Noah strikes a bargain with Miss Angela's daughter, Lily, which ends in surprising results.
Richelle-Finn Duet
"Dance-Zilla" September 30, 2018
Richelle is back and A-Troupe desperately hopes she will bring down Miss Angela.
Ozzy S6
"Coup d'Etat" September 30, 2018
With the help of A-Troupe, Richelle sets in motion a plan she hopes will rid the Next Step of Miss Angela.
"Summer Lovin'" October 6, 2018
Piper returns to TNS as Michelle and Emily are reinstated and face their first challenge as co-studio heads.
"Mean Twirls" October 7, 2018
Summer is tricked by dancers who are threatened by her, while TNS rents out some rehearsal space to a new dance team, AcroNation.
A-Troupe Boys
"Oh Solo Me-Oh" 2018
New relationships are put to the test when TNS has a solo competition for a regionals advantage.
Summer and Kingston
"Mash-Up Match-Up" 2018
Surprising new friendship dynamics arise as TNS gears up for the dance convention.
Henry promp
"Amy's Prom Has Got It Goin' On" 2018
The announcement that TNS is going to hold a prom sends the dancers into a 'promposal' frenzy with surprising pairings.
"Twinkle Toes" 2018
Prom night at TNS ignites new flames, old rivalries, and a whole lot of dancing.
"Never Been Picked" 2018
In her quest to prove her worth at The Next Step, Amy brings her A-game to A-Troupe... with surprising results.
Jacquie, Summer and Richelle
"Convention Tension" 2018
Amy feels the pressure when she and AcroNation dances off against various studios for the Wild Card spot at regionals.
"Sweet and Salty" 2018
A five bonus point advantage for regionals hang in the air as Summer, Amy, and Lily compete for the top soloist title.

Season 6.5

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Amy and Henry
"Ty'd to You" 2018
As Michelle and Emily deal with a troubling revelation about regionals, family and friendships face new challenges.
"All the Marbles" 2018
When Noah's fate at The Next Step is put to a vote, arguments ensue over what to do.
Henry and Summer
"Less Beauty, More Beast" 2018
When two surprise guest judges visit The Next Step, A-Troupe vies for featured parts in the regionals hip-hop routine.
"Contemporary Contempt" 2018
The dancers are placed into pairs to determine the contemporary routine, leading to new tensions on A-troupe.
Ozzy and Kingston
"Little Big Lies" 2018
After candidates for the alternate position are announced, Ozzy struggles with a big secret.
"Pas De Don't" 2018
TNS and AcroNation find themselves competing for rehearsal space with regionals at stake.
Davis and Kenzie
"Audition Subtraction" 2018
Noah attends an audition, while A-Troupe works furiously to keep their team intact.
"Dancing with the Enemy" TBA
A proposition from Lily compels Davis to make a decision that could drastically affect A-Troupe.
176 "His Girl, Summer" TBA
A-Troupe scrambles to adjust to the loss of one of its dancers.
"A-Troupe Escape" TBA
A-Troupe's ability to work as a team is tested when they are locked in an escape room.
19th Regionals
"No Shell" TBA
The Next Step arrives for day one of Regionals and A-Troupe is feeling the pressure.
Richelle Regionals
"And Then There Were Three" TBA
At the finals of the Regionals, TNS deals with uncertainty as they are called to perform.
180 "Piano Man" TBA
With a showdown looming, several dancers question their future.