West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Henry: We're actually here!
Cassie: Regionals!

Riley: We're The Next Step. We're here to sign in our soloist.
Delegate: We're ready to draw the name for your soloist.
Riley: Excuse me?!
Delegate: You guys must not have read the rules properly. This is the freestyle round.

A freestyle solo? All of my choreography is useless and I might not even be dancing. This isn't fair.


I can't believe I messed this up; I might have just cost The Next Step everything.


It's obvious that Riley is not feeling confident right now, and if Riley is not feeling confident, then how can I?


I've been looking everywhere for Sloane. She really needs me right now.


Amy's expecting something big from me and I can't disappoint her. Here goes nothing.


I love you too.

— To Amy, LaTroy