The Everglades is a marsh where alligators and crocodiles co-exist. It is located in Miami, Florida, The United States of America. Lead by Jesse, James, West, and Eldon visit the location in "Lost at Sea".


Upon West's suggestion, he, Eldon, and James take a tour of the Everglades in which they are lead by boat captain, Jesse. The three are excited to begin their tour, but instantly regret going when Jesse tells them a frightening story about Coco Plum Island. Their fear only heightens when their boat stops and Jesse deserts them to find supplies.[1]

Believing that Jesse has left them for the "alligator god," West fiddles with the boat and gets it to start again, although it stops again a few kilometers away from the spot that Jesse had ordered them to stay in. Now even more secure in the belief that they are being sacrificed to the alligator god, of which Eldon backs up, West suggests that they make a personal sacrifice to it. In an attempt to do so, Eldon drops his lucky coin into the waters, deeply saddening him.[1]

To cheer Eldon up, West and James create a plan; West will give James his British pound and he will jump into the water and pretend that he retrieved the original coin. Despite his initial resistance, James eventually follows through with the plan, which Eldon seems to fall for.[1]

Soon after, Jesse returns with supplies. At once, Eldon receives a series of text messages stating that if James doesn't sign his form, the team is disqualified from Absolute Dance Internationals. Although off-screen, Jesse fixes the boat and the three return to the venue in time.[1]


According to James, the Everglades looks like a grown out, flooded lawn.[1] It is a spacious marsh consisting solely of grass and water.

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