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Eldon to, James

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"Fancy Footwork" is the 28th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 28th episode overall. It premiered on December 20, 2013.


The Next Step studio hits the stage for the first time in their bid to win Regionals.


The Next Step performs their routine on stage against Annex Dance Academy. The Next Step wins the round with 86 points and moves on, while Annex Dance Academy goes home, having garnered only 84. Riley confesses that they just have to win four more round to be Regionals champions.

Lucien amanda lisa season 1

Lisa Thompson interviews Amanda.

The fierce competition continues. Amidst the teams moving on is Elite Dance Academy which scores 91 points, the highest score of the competition thus far. The Next Step wins their second round with 87 points. An interview of Amanda done by Lisa Thompson earlier in the day is shown via SNR Network's coverage of the competition. During the interview, Lisa asks Amanda what one of her most memorable wins is and Amanda references the previous year's Regionals because The Next Step lost to Elite despite wanting to win so badly. The coverage returns to Stacey Tookey and Chuck Anderson. Chuck reveals that many think Elite to be cocky, although Stacey believes it to be confidence. Either way, Chuck still commends Elite on having a three year winning streak at Regionals. Backstage, Lucien taunts Kate as his team passes by.

Eldon michelle season 1 ff

Eldon tells Michelle that she looks beautiful.

A-Troupe watches Dance Inc. perform from backstage, waiting to perform against them. Most of the troupe feels anxious about their upcoming performance; some of the dancers re-do their make-up while Riley asks Emily if her hairpiece is on tight enough. However, James remains incredibly calm. Eldon tells Michelle that she looks beautiful which makes Emily, who overhears, uncomfortable. Dance Inc. scores 85 points but, A-Troupe is sure that they can do better so long as their dance is flawless. The Next Step takes the stage. The team is dancing exceptionally until Riley gets her glove stuck in her hairpiece, causing her to miss a few steps of the routine. The Next Step scores 84 points and is eliminated from the competition. The team sadly walks off the stage and Giselle retrieves Riley's fallen hairpiece.

The Next Step retreats backstage as Dance Inc. celebrates their victory. Riley expresses her guilt at the team being eliminated, but Emily and Kate assure her that there is nothing they can do about it. James is confused as to why everybody is upset since there is a wildcard spot. The team is reassured at this realisation.

Max season 1 2

An Elite dancer stands at the beginning of his team's performance.

Art & Soul is performing on-stage against Elite for a spot in the semi-finals. Despite the stellar routine, Riley confesses that they have no chance against Elite. After their performance, Elite takes the stage and performs an impeccable routine that easily moves them onto the semi-finals with 94 points.

Seed moves onto the semi-finals with 88 points, defeating Confidance. The teams that are moving onto the semi-finals are Elite, Seeds, Dance Inc., and whichever team wins the wildcard. Art & Soul, Confidance, and The Next Step take the stage to find out which team will garner the wildcard spot. As The Next Step waits to hear the verdict, Michelle takes Eldon's hand which he doesn't let go of. It is announced that The Next Step will be moving on to the semi-finals. The Next Step celebrates and is congratulated by Seeds backstage.


  • On CBBC, this episode was aired under the title of "I'm So Excited."
  • The Next Step Dance Studio, despite losing has qualified for the semi finals by way of the wildcard spot.


  • The wildcard spot which is introduced in "I'm So Excited" becomes a pivotal part of this episode.


  • Emily confesses that The Next Step's score might be high enough to get them into the semi-finals in the wildcard spot, but she later claims that the judges ignore the scores and are allowed to pick any of the three teams to take the wildcard spot.

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to a song of the same name by Chromeo.







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