Author's note: This an AU of the episode "Come Together." To put it lightly, I was dissatisfied with this episode for its poor formatting and even poorer plot. With this fanfiction, I am creating the episode that, I think, should have been. This is, therefore, intended to be in the format of an episode page.

"Come Together" is the 32nd episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 126th episode overall. It aired on November 17, 2016. This episode is a special made for Family Channel's Stand UP! Bullying Awareness Week.


With Regionals around the corner, Riley speaks to the team bout bullying.


Henry piper amy noah sloane season 4 r

Henry lies on the ground, the other dancers clambering forward.

A-Troupe files into Studio A, having gotten an early morning e-mail from Riley to arrive at the studio. The dancers yawn and groan as they take seats or lie on the polished floor, irritated that they have to be in the studio so early, and on a day that was supposed to be their day off from dance.

Richelle season 4 3

Richelle asks Riley why they are at the studio so early.

As the dancers sit and lie in various states of tiredness, Riley cheerily enters the studio, various trays of Java Junction juices in her hands. Riley begins to hand out the juice, only partially waking up the dancers. Richelle defiantly voices her anger at having to be in the studio so early, which her fellow dancers resound. Even Michelle and Amanda, on whose shoulder Noah naps upon, question their friend's judgment. Riley silences the dancers' ruction and assures them that she has called them to the studio for an important reason; Absolute Dance Regionals, an immensely competitive competition which tends to bring out the worst in people, is just around the corner and she deems it important that they discuss the taboo topic of bullying. Richelle asks Riley why she didn't tell them about this before and Riley admits that she only thought about it that morning.

Skylar richelle season 4 tgbtm

Skylar smiles as she references the Zero Percent Club.

The dancers are forced to sit in a circle and begin by speaking about their personal experiences with bullying. The dancers are hesitant to speak about things so personal to them, but Skylar eventually pipes up, believing it her duty as dance captain. Accompanied by a flashback, Skylar admits that when she was younger she was bullied so badly that her sister, had to take her home from school everyday. The reason for the teasing was that the girls deemed Skylar masculine for taking part in rugby, which she confesses is why she became a dancer. Remembering that she told Piper this, Skylar references the importance of groups like The Zero Percent Club so that people have a person to talk to when dealing with such difficulties.

Sloane season 4 r

Sloane talks about being made fun of for being unable to speak English.

Cassie volunteers to go next, and reveals that she has been bullied for her height throughout her life. While the dancers are unsurprised, they are equally apologetic because many of them had made fun of her height in the same way. Riley recalls the peer review for Cassie that commented on her height. On the other hand, Richelle admits that she was made fun of for being so small, granting her the cruel nickname "Rickety Richelle," as everyone joked that she was small enough to break. Amy admits that she is lucky enough to never have been bullied, and Piper says the same, although in a rushed manner without even looking up from the floor. Next, Sloane admits that despite living in a bilingual country, she was routinely teased in her youth for only being able to speak French and that she had to try so hard in order to learn English. Sloane confesses that LaTroy was the first person she met who saw no problem with her speaking French. In fact, he struggled a lot with the language while learning it in school, and she would help him. Sloane finds herself missing LaTroy.

Riley alfie season 4 dz 2

Riley kisses Alfie.

Riley confesses that the whole time she has been standing, observing her dancers, that she has been wondering if Alfie has ever experienced bullying and assumes he hasn't, seeing as he is a prince. Trying to be discreet, Riley asks Alfie about his experiences. A shadow passes over Alfie's face and he admits that he didn't have many friends, being homeschooled, but was subject to endless ridicule, confusing his peers who are still unaware of his royal status. Riley suspects that Alfie is referring to the media, and feels horrible for him. She calls a break, despite the dancers still not being finished their juice. Riley stops Alfie and apologizes for Alfie having to go through what he did on such an immense scale, but Alfie assures her that it is alright. After assuring him that he can always talk to her, Riley kisses Alfie. Meanwhile, Amanda and Michelle converse in Java Junction. Amanda tells Michelle that she is scared of having to talk about her behaviour at Elite Dance Academy and in her early stages at The Next Step Dance Studio, for fear of the dancers, especially Noah, seeing her in a poor light. Michelle understands but claims that she has no worries, as she has only ever been a victim of bullying. Amanda nods absently, just as Piper passes by Michelle. Michelle remembers how quickly Piper claimed she had never been bullied and remembers how she treated her when competing against her for the spot at the qualifier. Michelle dismisses this as nothing.

Michelle talking heads only you

Michelle tries to justify her treatment of Piper.

With the break over, the dancers are back at the studio. Henry speaks about being bullied for his hair and Noah for being so small for his age while in J-Troupe, only making Amanda feel worse. Although, when Amy suggests that sometimes bullies do not realize they are being bullies because of their own insecurities, Amanda softens a bit. Amanda stands from her seat and admits that she was once a big bully. She speaks about her time at Elite as dance captain, and in depth about her plan to bring down The Next Step. Although, she is sure to mention that she eventually realized how wrong she was and became a big old softie. When she takes her seat again, Noah takes her hand and holds it. Riley tells Michelle that it is her turn, confessing that she already knows what Michelle will talk about. Michelle references being bullied by Emily when she first came to the studio, but how she was eventually able to make amends with Emily. While she speaks, she notices Piper staring at her, but does not speak of her treatment of Piper, still refusing to see anything wrong with it.

Riley season 4 kmky

Riley asks the dancers what their definition of bullying is.

With all of the dancers seemingly have spoken about their experiences, Riley asks for the dancers to come up with a definition of bullying. The dancers come up with the idea that bullying is teasing someone or hurting somebody's feelings by targeting an insecurity they posses or taking advantage of their weakness. Hearing this, Michelle comes to realize that she was bullying Piper, as she took advantage of her naivety twice, in order to make her ruin her solo. Riley asks what a good way to stop bullying is and Piper quietly claims that perhaps it is best to ignore it. The other dancers immediately dispute this and decide that the best thing to do is speak to an adult or otherwise trusted person.

A-troupe season 4.5

Riley and the members of A-Troupe dance.

As the dancers prepare to go home, Michelle pulls Piper aside and apologizes for her former behaviour. When Piper resounds her sentiment that it was to show her what competition is like, Michelle quickly tells her that that's a poor excuse and that what she did was wrong. She also admits that she knew Piper would beat her if she did not play mind games with her, as she is the better dancer. Piper is appreciative of this and quickly forgives Michelle. Riley tells the dancers not to leave just yet, and says that they have to perform a celebratory dance. The dancers happily perform a routine to "All Eyes on You."



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