A-Troupe was the highest ranking troupe at The Next Step Dance Studio. As such, A-Troupe represents the studio at competitions, particularly those affiliated with the Absolute Dance franchise.


Cathy created A-Troupe in 1995.

A-Troupe has competitively competed at every Absolute Dance competition since 1995 as a unified team.

The audition prior to the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionalscompetition is the studio's first audition that allows dancers from outside the studio to contend for a spot on the troupe. Before the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Nationals, the studio holds its first Challenge.


A-Troupe is The Next Step Dance Studio's highest-ranking competitive troupe, causing it to always consist of 10-12 dancers as 10 dancers are allowed on-stage at a time at competitions, with 2 alternates also on the team in the case of injury. It is well-known that on the troupe, nobody's spot is guaranteed. Although, curiously, neither Michelle or Emily has to audition for the troupe during the Challenge.However, it is possible that they didn't have to audition because this was supposedly during the middle of the year as opposed to at the start of the new year and season.

A-Troupe is led by a dance captain and is the only troupe at The Next Step Dance Studio for which this is the case. The troupe is also lead by a head choreographer.

A-Troupe rehearses in Studio A and Studio 1.


After qualifying to the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Nationals, A-Troupe have uniforms professionally designed by Zoltan and Minnow.

The uniforms consist of a blue zip-up jacket with the logo of The Next Step on the front and back, and the letter "A" for A-Troupe on the right shoulder, worn over a light blue T-shirt with TNS on the left breast; with blue trousers (fitted yoga pants for the girls, and sweatpants for the boys), which are later changed to black leggings for the girls and black sweatpants for the boys.

Presumably redesigned after the studio's Internationals win, A-Troupe later wear new jackets of the same colour, albeit with black embroidery and The Next Step logo in different font. The rest of the uniform remains the same.



  • Michelle
  • Lola
  • Noah
  • Jordan
  • Danielle
  • Tyler
  • Richelle
  • Zara
  • Jacquie
  • Piper
  • Emily
  • Daniel
  • Skylar
  • LaTroy
  • Henry
  • Amy
  • Sloane
  • Amanda
  • Cassie
  • West
  • Alfie