A Do-Over is the third episode of The Next Step season 6 and is the 157th episode in total. It aired on November 14th, 2017.


Jacquie is forced to chose between the two things she charishes the most; Noah must deal with the shocker. Josh struggles with being there for the team. She gets a second chance to prove herself.


The episode starts off with A-Troupe walking into the room and feeling very excited. Lucian walks in and tells them to get stretching. Jacquie admits in talking heads that she feels so weird without Noah being there on the team, like, Noah was the dance captain and now he isn’t on A-Troupe. Lucian smiles and then asks if Jacquie could come see him in his office. Jacquie nods and then Jacquie says in talking heads that she does not know what this is about, but she’s hoping for this to be good. She really needs a win right now.

Jacquie walk into the office and then Lucian quickly rushes in. Jacquie asks what’s up and then Lucian says that they have a problem. Jacquie‘s face dips and asks what the problem is, in talking heads, Jacquie says that she is determined to make it, so she will do anything to stay on the team. Lucian says that he has a new rule, which states that any member of A-Troupe must be dating someone from A-Troupe or no one at all. Jacquie asks if this means she has to give up Noah. Lucian nods and then says that she has until the end of the day. In talking heads, Jacquie looks down sadly, saying anything but that.

Everyone is rehearsing and then Piper asks what’s wrong and Jacquie exclaims about how she was just told to either give up Noah or leave A-Troupe. Piper, in talking heads, yells about how this is totally unfair. Jacquie does not deserve this after the hard work the two put into their relationship to try and make things work. Jacquie frowns and says that she thinks that she will be ok and then walks off. 

Lucian walks in and then says that they need to start working on their regionals routine. They start rehearsing then Amy says in talking heads that right now, things are tough, but she is hoping things can get back to normal.

Noah and Jacquie are talking outside and then Jacquie is trying her hardest to talk to Noah about Lucian’s ultimatum but she just can’t let it out. Noah senses something Is wrong and asks what’s going on. But Jacquie says that she can’t say. Noah sighs and says that she can tell him anything. Jacquie sighs and then says that she got an ultimatum from Lucian regarding their relationship; that the two can’t be together because he is not on their team. Noah then sighs and then says he doesn’t know what to do and then walks off. Leaving Jacquie in tears, wanting to know how to solve the problem.

Lucian is in his office, doing some paperwork and then Jacquie walks in and asks if Noah could potentially audition for the team. Lucian sighs, and says fine. Noah can get a second chance at auditioning. Jacquie in talking heads that she feels so happy right now, Noah has no clue. Jacquie then rushes down to Neutral Grounds and then suggests that Noah comes up right now. Noah asks why, and then Jacquie says that she has a surprise. Noah nods and then follows her up into studio A. The two smile and then Noah asks what’s going on and then Lucian walks out. Jacquie says that Noah is going to audition, for Lucian’s new team. Noah is slightly skeptical.

Fire turns on and then Noah starts off his routine, he at first seems unsure and skeptical. Not doing much but then by the chorus, the routine is 110%. Noah smiles and then Jacquie asks what Lucian’s thinks after the music stops. Noah feeling hopeful. Lucian then says that unfortunately that was not good enough. Jacquie’s face falls flat and yells, asking if Lucian is kidding her, because Noah is the best dancer in the studio. During the argument, Noah walks into the hallway and face palms. Jacquie walks out in the hallway, asking if Noah is ok. Noah nods and then Lucian asks what it’s going to be. Noah or A-troupe. Jacquie looks at Noah and apologizes, saying sorry, but A-Troupe is where she needs to be right now. Noah walks off in anger.

Lucian gathers his team together and says that he has some big exciting news. Richelle asks what it is and then Lucian says that he’s officially chosen a dance captain. Amy smiles and in talking heads says finally, ever since Noah was cut from A-Troupe the whole team has been on the edge of their seat waiting to hear on who the new dance captain is. Piper in talking heads admits that she hopes it is her. Lucian then says that Richelle is the new dance captain. Richelle hugs Lucian and then in talking heads, says that she feels so happy right now, no one has a single clue. She is the dance captain, again! This is what she’s been working towards, it is finally all coming back her way again.


  • Noah and Jacquie are broken up.
  • Richelle is the dance captain again.