Riley was dancing in studio A, as what was now Chloeldon chatted, But Riley knew something was up, as Beth and Stephanie were with Tiffany.

The E-girls were-






Chloe was not in A-troupe, she was stuck in B, as for Ben, he was at the top of his game. He loved A-troupe, James was hanging out with Daniel and Eldon, but Eldon went to talk to Emily.

Emily: What do you want?

Eldon: For you to go out with me

Emily: No

Chloe laughed. Some people thought that Chloe and Eldon were together. But some people did not, because Emily was being asked out by Eldon every single day, as then Ms Kate and chris walked into studio A.

Chris: Who wants to be DC.

Emily: Me.

The A-troupe was, Ben, Riley, Tiffany, Stephanie, Emily, Giselle, James, Eldon, Daniel and Beth. As like Eldon and Emily, Beth was asking out James, every, single, day.

Beth: May you go out with me,

James: Ya know what, fine, one date and tonight?

Beth: Sure

James did not want to go on this date but he knew it would get Beth off of his case.

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