James Visits Alfie in Switzerland - The Next Step

James Visits Alfie in Switzerland - The Next Step

Alfie james season 4 episode 29
Loap james tells alfie that they need to talk

James see alfoe on the floor and ask if he is okay

Tcob riley what to do
Acigc riley alfie

Alfie tells riley he wants to break up

james practice his duet and Alfie has a snap hip ja!es tepps alfoe he is going to sevaly hurt him for kissing riley one day! Alfoe say I am so sorry James! Ja!es tells Alfie that he is a joke and hates him! Alfie and James gose on stage and after a bit James dose a flip on Alfie and alfoe scerms in pain owwww the music stop and riley, Skyler and James rush to Alfie Riley is crying oh Alfie James shakes Alfie dude r u ok. No my hip it hurts! Riley and Skyler get help James put his hand hand on Alfie sholder can I put my hand on your hip and u tell me how much it hurts? Alfie knods! James gently toch alfie hip and puts pussure and Alfie start crying it hurts James! James let go did this happen before Alfie! Yes I don't know what is going on! Owwww James rubs Alfie back I am right here Alfie the amblace came and kneels to Alfie and tell him to go to the doctor and the rushed him to the doctor James in talking heads cry I can believe he is hurt knowing everything has happened! Alfie and Riley are in the room and Alfie breaks up with Riley and rileey leves sad and the doctor tell Alfie has something called terrible crushing syndrome something when someone is in love with someone who is tooken and it hard to control and his hip snap when he is guilty about the situation! Alfie crys I don't know what to do but I want James her! James walks in hey Alfie what did the doctor say! James I have terrible crushing syndrome.

What is that man? I crush on grill when there tooken

James is shooked and crying I am so sorry Alfie I was mad at you when it was not your fault I am sorry sweetie

Alfie and ja es hug and there are best friends