Amy is an Acro Dancer that is on TNS East. She is a former member of TNS West.

Despite an excellent audition, Amy does not make it onto A-Troupe the following dance season due to questioning Emily.As a result, Amy is demoted to B-Troupe. She begrudgingly joins TNS West, but continues to lie to her mother that she is on A-Troupe. 


Before The Show

At a dance competition, Amy performed a solo and ripped her pants while doing the splits. Not wanting the audience to see the tear, Amy performed the rest of the dance with her legs together.

Amy was once cut from a dance team because she could not master a double-back-handspring-back-layout. She practiced the move all summer in the hopes of making the team the next time she auditioned, but was unsuccessful.

At Amy's previous studio, she danced there for the wrong reason; she wanted to impress everyone because she didn't want to disappoint them. Upon moving to The Next Step, she realized that she could just go onstage and not worry about what everyone thought.

During one summer, Amy worked at a gas station.

She auditioned for A-Troupe and made it.

Season 5

Amy is wary of Emily being the new studio head, believing the troupe will devolve into one full of robots. When Emily demotes various dancers to B-Troupe before even seeing them audition, Amy begins to voice her disbelief, but is silenced by Emily. Despite her excellent audition, it is this outburst that causes Amy not to qualify onto A-Troupe and be demoted to B-Troupe. Amy is devastated and knows that she cannot tell her mother the truth.

Amy begrudgingly joins TNS West, but is wary of the lack of technical training within the members of the troupe. Amy continues to lie to her mother that she is on A-Troupe and eventually pulls Piper into her lying as well. She gets pulled from the studio but piper get her onto TNS East which meant Piper got kicked off. 



  • Acro: One of Amy's main styles is acro, and it appears to be Amy's strongest style. Amy's acro has even been compared to Giselle's.
  • Ballet: Amy is an exceptional ballet dancer who is able to dance on pointe.
  • Contemporary: Amy is a proficient contemporary dancer. She successfully teaches LaTroy a contemporary combo, of which he successfully performs and is complimented by Sloane on.
  • Hip-hop: Although Amy does not specialize in hip-hop, she is quite good at it. She dances in Leon Blackwood's masterclass hip-hop routine and is complimented by him on quickly picking up the choreography.
  • Jazz: Although one of Amy's main styles is jazz, she does not perform much of it. When she does perform it though, she does so with much proficiency.
  • Lyrical: Lyrical is another of Amy's dominant styles and she is a proficient lyrical dancer.


Season 5