Amy is a Acro Dancer that was a Member Of Gemini Dance Studio. She was formerly on AcroNation and A-Troupe.


Season 5

Amy is wary of Emily being the new studio head, believing the troupe will devolve into one full of robots. When Emily demotes various dancers to B-Troupe before even seeing them audition, Amy begins to voice her disbelief, but is silenced by Emily. Despite her excellent audition, it is this outburst that causes Amy not to qualify onto A-Troupe and be demoted to B-Troupe. Amy is devastated and knows that she cannot tell her mother the truth.

Amy convinces Piper to do a duet with her in order to keep up her lie to her mother. Amy begrudgingly joins TNS West, but is wary of the lack of technical training within the members of the troupe. Amy continues to lie to her mother that she is on A-Troupe and eventually pulls Piper into her lying as well. By way of this lying, Amy unintentionally gets Piper into trouble with Emily, angering Piper to the point that she tells her she will not talk to her until Amy tells her mother the truth. Amy is left even more devastated as her relationship with Piper continues to digress.

When Amy finally finds herself feeling at home at TNS West, her mother discovers the truth about her dance life. Consequently, Amy is forced to leave the studio.

Forlorn about being unable to dance and having nothing to lose, Amy takes part in Piper's plan to get her to be an alternate on TNS East. After begging Emily to let her dance, Amy performs some of Daniel's choreography and makes it onto the troupe. Amy comes to realize that she has taken Piper's spot on the team and tells Piper that she will try to get her back onto the team, although Piper is unresponsive to the idea. Although, Amy is happy to find that Piper is not mad at her and is happy on TNS West

Amy is ecstatic in helping her team win the dance battle against TNS West, even though it means that Piper's team has lost.[25] Amy is distraught when the studio is disallowed from competing at Regionals and is the first to learn of Piper's plan to merge the two teams. Although, Amy's hopefulness in light of the merge is dampened when she is forced by her mother to audition for Gemini and, furthermore, become a member of the team. With Piper's help, Amy is finally able to confront her mother about her feelings and convinces her to let her stay at The Next Step.

Amy is ecstatic when the team wins Regionals.

Season 6

Amy struggles with Miss Angela as the new studio head. Amy feels unused and when Emily and Skylar return as co-studio Heads she leaves and joins AcroNation.

Season 7

She leaves the next step since Miss Angela gave her a spot on Gemini and offered her dance captain.