What?! You don't want to mess with me, Richelle and Michelle. I'm not the competition - YOU two are!

— Ashley aggressively to Michelle, and Richelle

She's sly, manipulative, rude, snarky, evil, annoying, fake and a good person all together. Wow. What a character.


Ashlin Grover Linen (or just ''Ashley'') for short is an upcoming character in Fanfiction:The Next Step: A New Beginning which is the seventh season of the show. Described by the show's creators, she is a nice, happy, bubbly person, but when people are mean to her or see her as a threat for no good reason, she can turn sly and start to do evil things, like manipulating everyone into turning against her opponents. In the new season, she will make enemies with, Richelle and Michelle, and be best-friends, with everyone else including the adults. How she becomes best-friends with Kate, however, is unknown, and will be discussed more in season seven. Everyone else describes her as a ray-of-sunshine. According to a tweet by one of the show-runners, she could be a possible relative to Piper and James.

Her actress is not confirmed yet. Auditions for her character were held from August 5th - 14th, 2018, and rehearsals began August 23rd, 2018 and ended September 7, 2018. Almost 89.6 million people turned up to audition for the role.


Before the sHOW

Ashley was born in a old apartment in Boston on September 21, 2003 to an unnamed mother and Dr. Tyler, her father. The time she was born, was 12:03am.

At unknown date in her life, she went camping with her parents, and was scared of the ''Polti-Ghost-Boy'', she made up and wouldn't sleep in the tent for a week.

In 2005, she threw her toy doll into a busy street.

At one point, she went to Hollywood and stayed in a expensive-villa.

At the age of 10, she witnessed a fight nearby her apartment.

On August 25th, 2008, her parents and her moved states and houses. She moved to Canada, Toronto.

Around late 2014-early 2015 she got a place at Elite Dance Academy, but dropped out, and went to various other dance studios.

The Next sTEP

Season 7

In 2018, she enrolls at the The Next Step.

Michelle Phoebe Kate Emily season 2 episode 3 "You can have your very own star too!"

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She seems nice - I think


Ashley has a very mixed personality. She is nice, fuzzy, quirky, strong, confident, helpful and resourceful and is a great person to be around with. However, she can be, mean, sly, manipulative, slimy and outraged when people get rude to her. She does not like competition and can treat it as an strong threat.