Bad Together is the 10th episode of Season 6 of The Next Step and is the 164th overall, it aired on December 12, 2017.


Amy starts hanging out with Richelle and Jacquie


Piper’s eyes widen and protests that this is unfair. Lucian says that he can and he did. He then tells them to make up their mind. Piper in talking heads admits that this is exactly why she hates this team, this is considered blackmail. Amy sighs and says that they still will be not doing the solos because they are family. And family don’t go up against each other. Lucian then tells everyone that the competition season is now over and the whole team begins to yell at Piper and Amy. Jacquie in talking heads expresses how upset and mad she is that Piper and Amy ruined the competition season for her, as this was the only thing that she had.

Amy goes to the lockers and then Richelle looks over to Jacquie and then suggests that they go talk to Amy. Jacquie asks why, she ruined the competition season for them, this will just make them look like losers. Richelle shakes her head, disagreeing and then states that due to their status on the team, it’ll just make them better and more popular. They have nothing to lose from it. Jacquie says that if she puts it that way, she guesses and then they walk over to Amy.

Amy asks what’s up as she is finishing packing her dance bag up. Richelle says nothing much and then asks if the two, along with Jacquie, could meet up with her in neutral grounds in an hour? The two agree and then they begin to disperse, Amy feeling very happy. But Piper not so much. Piper asks about what Amy’s doing and then Amy says that she gets to hang out with the dance captain, Piper sighs and then nods, walking off, and in talking heads, saying that she feels a little unsure. But she just wants Amy to be ok. Piper then walks over once more and then asks if Amy knows what she is doing. Amy says that she’s fine but Piper says that she does not believe her. Amy asks why and then Piper admits that the two are bad influences. Amy yells at Piper about how Piper is not in control of her life and then walks off so stop telling her what to do. Piper frowns and then she says that she just wants the best, Amy says that sometimes staying silent is the best and then she walks off. But Piper knows that something is wrong now. Piper then growls and then rushes off into Lucian’s office again and then states that actually, the competition season is back on, because she will go up against Amy. Lucian smiles and thanks Piper.

A-troupe is called up again into studio 1 and then they all form a clean straight line and then Amy asks what’s going on and then Lucian announces that Piper has told him that she is ready to do the solo and battle, which means that the competition season is back up and running. Everyone claps their hands and Amy lets out a small smirk, but secretly, she’s nervous inside. But does not let anyone see it.

Richelle is in the rehearsal room dancing her hardest and trying to be the best she’s ever been and in talking heads, she states that earlier in the start of the year, she broke her ankle, and it’s healed however, she can feel the pain rising back again and with the competition season back up and running again, she needs to be the best she can be. The song playing is let’s go and then Piper walks in and then asks for Richelle to set things straight and then asks if Richelle loves Josh but Richelle lies and declines it. Piper says fine, ok. But does not believe her and then asks if her ankle is ok. Richelle declines and says everything is perfectly fine. Piper sighs and then nods and walks off.

In Neutral Grounds, the trio is talking and laughing and then Jacquie says that now with the competition back up and running, this means Amy needs to think of a way to destroy Piper. Richelle agrees but then Amy’s face saddens and in talking heads, admits that maybe Piper was right all along. She then says uncertainly that she has to go. Jacquie asks if she is sure and then Amy says yes, she is sure and then walks off.


  • Richelle loves Josh.
  • Richelle is injured.
  • The competiton season is once again happening.
  • Amy and Piper are not on good terms.