Bring Him In is the 21rst episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 175th episode in total. It aired on July 31rst.


With no set out rules in place, Emily brings back Elliot, an old dancer chooses to come back.


Emily then looked up and said that she knows who they could bring into add to their dancing. Michelle asks who and then Emily suggests Elliot. Michelle repeats Elliot’s name weirdly and then Emily says Elliot. Michelle says oh, she was thinking of William, the secret broadway dancer who is the reason her team got disqualified. Emily sighed and says that she knows it is a long-shot. But this is the post-competition era of The Next Step, a new start, besides, he’s changed and then Michelle stubbornly says that Elliot has not changed. Emily says like Michelle knows better and then Michelle says that she has and then Emily reveals she has been talking to Elliot through video call and that he really has changed. Emily asks for if Michelle to give him a second chance and how they need Elliot’s amazing dance skills and then Michelle in response grunts and says fine. On trial though. Emily repeats the on trial part and then walks off.

Emily walks over into Toronto, she faces an apartment complex and then steps inside and heads to the third floor, she presses onto the door of 1BA, and then William opens the door and then Emily asks if he would love to come back onto A-Troupe. William nods and then Emily states that he can only join if he is nice and a team player this time. William says that he will put his best foot forward and give it his all and then Emily hugs William and then they walk off to go back into the studio. William says that in talking heads, that he will turn a new leaf and make sure that he stays on this team no matter what the board says.

A-Troupe is getting settled and then Michelle walks out and says that she has found some dancers and says that they are actually going to make a dance competition, with there being a solos category, a duet category and a group category. With the group being 7 or more dancers. Everyone claps and then everyone claps and then Michelle suggests a duet with Amy and Piper, doing the duet they showed her earlier a few days or weeks ago. Everyone claps, wanting it to happen but Piper declines. Saying that she honestly does not have time to do it as she has an idea for another duet. Everyone claps.

Skylar walks in and then Michelle asks what’s going on and then Skylar says nothing much and then she apologizes for her horrible behaviour earlier that week and then Michelle says apology accepted and the two hug and then Skylar says that with that out of the way, here is her question. She then asks if she could join the team and then Michelle agrees happily and then the two hug once more. Noah says in talking heads that there might actually be some hope if people join the team like crazy fast. But he can’t count on it.

Michelle says that there is one final thing; William. William is arriving back again onto the team due to there being no exact set of guidelines. William and Emily walk back in and then Piper cuts him a dead glance of anger, cold, bitterness and William says that he has changed, and is ready to be a team player. But Piper walks over and says that she doesn’t believe it for a second and then walks off. Emily walks off to the hallway and asks Piper’s what’s wrong and then she sees Piper crying in the hallway. Emily demands to know what’s going on as she is the studio head and can do anything in her power to make her student dance better. Piper orders for Josh to be cut off the team. Emily’s eyes widen, asking why because Josh is an amazing dancer, who deserves to be on the team and so the only way Josh will be cut off the team is if it had anything to do with bullying and being rude, hurting her or anything, and then Piper stands up and says that it is because she has feelings for Josh, and it hurts to see him every day, with his whole heart, there, and with her being unable to speak to him, a crying Piper then sadly perambulates off, with an almost crying Emily, looking onwards. Emily is crying in talking heads and asks for help, because this will be the hardest decision of her life.


  • Skylar and William are officially a part of Regionals Wildfire
  • Piper has feelings for Josh