A-Troupe comes back.


Piper, Amy, Richelle, Heather, Josh and Skylar are just talking to each other in studio A. As Emily then comes in. In talking heads she says that since their big win at the dance World Cup. They plan on taking the dance World by storm. She tells everyone to gather around, and the six dancers form a circle. She then says that this year she plans to try harder then ever to get to regionals and now they must begin training straight away, and then some B-Troupers and some other members from different studios walk in. Becca says in talking heads that she left the team cuz of its loss.

The opening sequence: Piper and Amy, Josh and Heather, Skylar and Richelle, Emily and Daniel. Ending pose: Piper, Amy, Josh, Emily, Daniel, Heather, Skylar and Richelle.

Emily says everyone will be doing solos. Right Here Right Now starts playing and Becca begins. Everyone is clapping. After that, Beth goes up. She was actually doing good. Emily states in talking heads that Beth has improved a lot with the privates she's been taking. After that Richelle goes up and tries her hardest with her acro. After that, Chad goes up, after that Piper goes up with a pirouette sequence and a walkover, which she ultimately fails on. Amy then goes up with some acro moss. Josh then does some hip hop. Heather goes up and tries her hardest and wants her to prove she deserves to be there. Skylar goes up and tries her hardest and then Tyler does a solo.

Lola, Owen and Camille do solos. After that, Tess tries but Emily knows she won't put her on the team. Emily says that she is going to go and choose the team members now. Piper asks Amy if she is nervous and Piper gives the honest truth. Saying that she is more nervous then ever. Amy then asks about if they should discontinue the zero percent club but Piper ignores her and begins talking to josh. Amy in talking heads asks herself if she did anything wrong. Piper in talking heads yells, with tears in her eyes. Why would I wanna leave the zero percent club? Amy says thanks for nothing and then walks to the other side of the room.

Michelle is in an unknown studio in Madison and is dancing, hunter walks in and says if she is ready. Michelle responds with how she is the most ready she has ever been in her life. Michelle recaps in talking heads about her opportunity and now they've won Internationals and she is Ms Nationals and Ms Internationals Soloist as well as Hunters girlfriend. Michelle looked and smiled at Hunter, the two kissed.

Meanwhile. Then the dancers are there. Emily walks in and states they have twelve dancers. Plus one. Who'll be there just to watch and audit and learn. That lucky dancer is none other then Beth, she clears her throats and says the team is  Tyler, Owen, Lola, Camille, Gabi, Becca, Piper, Richelle, Amy, Skylar, Heather, Josh. Their alternates are Owen and Becca. Gain frowns and in talking heads states that she wants to make sure her sister is a featured dancer. Becca in talking heads is nearly crying, she states in talking heads that she wants to compete and now Emily is taking that away from her. 


- This episode is part one of four in a four part special "Welcome To New York" which aired on June 2nd.

- A-Troupe is Tyler, Owen, Lola, Camille, Gabi, Becca, Piper, Richelle, Amy, Skylar, Heather, Josh

- Alternates are Owen and Becca

- Hunter and Michelle are dating

- Michelle is Ms Nationals Soloist and Ms Internationals Soloist.

- There are now Multiple The Next Step Studios around the world.