Changes are being Made about A Troupe as Stephanie returns to A Troupe but lots of things change.

"Listen Up A Troupe I am leaving the Next Step as You Know and I will be competing in a Hip hop Competition" said Riley.

"So who's Taking over?" asked Riley, "Me!" said Stephanie.

Intro: Piper, Sloane , Latroy, Henry, Michelle, Skylar , and Rochelle and Noah.

"Yes so everyone on A Troupe you have now got Your new Studio head" said Riley.

"So big things are changing for A Troupe" said Stephanie.

The whole of A Troupe was very shocked at the news of Stephanie Taking over from Riley as the new Studio head of The Next Step.

"So Big changes are in store for everyone - As of today Michelle will be Dance Captain" said Stephanie, Skylar was shocked , Michelle had just been awarded the Job of Dance Captain.