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Emily Riley season 2 episode 17 "What is this?! This is a mess!"

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Friendship, maybe, no way, maybe....

James, he is staring at the floor

James OV (Overview)

I look at my phone, listening to my song for Riley, thinking about our love, I blew it, I can’t believe a song that I regret even making, here, after internationals, I got a job tour with Shane, a world tour to be exact, it has been 3 months into the tour, I am at a coffee shop, the tour is about to finish, we have one coming into Canada as our last tour stop, but the problem is, I just can’t sing the song boyfriend goals (The song I wrote and performed for Riley) in front of all those people, if you are confused, we broke up, after internationals, we went our separate ways, Regional’s auditions are also today. I look over at Riley, *sighs* and I just wanna forget about her, she broke up with me after finding out I was going on tour for 3 months, oh boy, I hope this goes well

Riley’s OV

I am in the new part of Hidalgos wondering why James was here, did he not go on tour? I walk over

James: Hey

Riley: Hey, uh, yea did you not go on tour?

James: We are on our last stop in Canada; it is tonight, so I will be able to be on the regional’s team

Riley: about that, we need to get to championships

That is where a whole team goes so basically, everyone from the next step will be going, man, Kate has been talking about changing locations since we will need to fit everyone in, and everyone will have a job for the championships as I am so exited, maybe hanging out with James will be so excited

Riley: Our first meeting is right now, whoever does not show up, does not make it

*a few minutes later*

Kate: We only need 20 dancers for it

Maybe there is a chance?

James OV

I look over at the ground, I am hanging out with Eldon, I regret making the band, I regret liking the band, I regret everything now, maybe I should move, yea, move away to solve everything fake my death as James, and then change my name...... move, and then just go from there, maybe that will solve everything

*3 weeks later*

my plan was amazing, I now live in america, feeling happy,

Riley's OV

Beth: I love Charlie

Maybe there is a hope for me and James to get back together, I am starting to have a crush on him, but the only thing I cant stop thinking about was 2 weeks back

I walk in,looking over at James, not moving, wait, why is his heart still beating

And the next thing I know, James is dead,and his body I think I dont know what happened, they say he died, and I think they told me it was in his grave

*1 week later*

I am currently in florada on vacation, I spot a person who looks just like James

Riley: Hi? who are you

Person: I am, wait, Riley?

Riley: JAMES!

James: Yes

Riley: Hey, why have I not seen you, I thought u were dead

James: I faked it, to move on

Maybe we still have a chance

*1 week later*

James is back, his name is now James, YAY


James OV

Friendships can get harsh, I am currently dancing, sometimes things can be more hard, then how they sound, because all I wanna do is be ,ore then friends with Riley

James: Hey, Riley?

Riley: Yes?

James: do you mind if I, have a crush on you

Riley: But we are not dating,

James: I have a huge crush on you

Riley: here, 7 things to do, then we can be dating?

James: sure

she hands me the list

James: Ok, now I will get started on it,

I run off

Riley's OV

I am just afraid, he will mess it up, he messed it up about 2 times, lets hope not another mistake, I am currently hanging out with Michelle

Michelle: so you and James are dating again?

Riley: Yes, me and him are dating again

Michelle: great

Riley: well almost

Michelle: what do you mean

Riley: there are 7 things he has to do for me before we can date and 1. is leave the band

Michelle: Ok then

Michelle walks away

Its Hard To Say Goodbye

James OV

I run over to shane, it is hard to say goodbye to something you love, 1. on the list is leave the band, so I am kinda shocked about that, all I want is both, I guess,you cant have everything

James: Shane?

Shane: Yes?

James: I have to leave the band

Shane: wait, why?

James: My ex girlfriend who I want is mad at me for taking the tour, so she is making me choose between the band, or her

Shane: Oh, I guess I would choose the girlfriend of a band

James: yea, thx for understanding

Riley's OV

I look around, I am in the music room doing my solo for the championships, it is to "falling behind" and right in the middle of the solo, James walks into the music room, I keep dancing because this is important, if you dont know the 20 people on the team are





















James: I said goodbye, to the band

I pat James, he looks sad

Riley: number 2 is you have to learn Acro Ballet and contemporary from someone other then me,and it has to be girls I will choose the girls

James: wait why

Riley: to test if you just wanna date all girls, James, meet Chloe, Richelle and Giselle, they will report me back at the end of the day, on if you flirted with them or not

James: I know who they are!

Authors note: if you dont know who Lexi is, she is in LOD

learning styles

Giselle's OV

Giselle: so lets get started, you lean like this

*3 hours later*

It is the end of the day

James: so are we dating

Riley: wow you just wanna get over with this

James: yes, iI cant take this

Riley: fine, there are 3 more things to do,

James: YES

Riley: tomorrow I will tell you the 3rd one, bye

I walk out of the studio, feeling confident


Authors note: i feel sorry for being inactive, yes, I was not editing for a while, I dont wanna get into it enjooy the chapter

James' OV

I started to get hurt, I hear Riley

Riley's OV

I am listening to some songs on my phone, Michelle walks up to me

Michelle: Do you really have feelings for James

Riley: why

Michelle: oh... eh, sorta, but I love him again, so, I think he loves me

Michelle`s OV

*3 hours later*

Michelle: hey

James: hey

Michelle: wanna dance

we start dancing, right when Riley walks in, I kiss him

Riley: JAMES, how-how- how- never mind *starts walking away* how could you

James:you set me up

Michelle: fine, I set you up!

James: I am never, gonna date you

James walks away, Eldon walks in

Eldon: you..... how, you kissed-

Michelle: I know, but I wanted them apart, listen, if they are apart, then me and Riley`s BFF time wont turn into a double date, and so I wont have to call you up to come down over

Eldon: well, sure... but wait, now Riley will hate you

Trying to tell the truth

Michelle's OV

I see James run I follow him

James: RILEY! Michelle is trying to ruin our relationship

Riley: is that true?

Michelle: yes

Riley: how could you

James: She wants us to break up so that whenever you two hang out

it will never turn into a double date

Riley: new rule, whenever i am hanging out with Michelle I will either have to leave Michelle for a few hours , or not hang out with James

Michelle: deal

James: deal

*the end*